Father’s Day Gifts Guide For Australia 2022

He has been there for us, and now it’s time for us to show our appreciation! 

Our dads are strong and mighty! They helped raise us and mould us into the people we are. 

The best time to show our love and appreciation is on Father’s day!

And it doesn’t have to be just for your dad! Any male role model who has helped nurture, care and raise you should be celebrated as well. There are many people who have been there for you, it this is the perfect time to show your thanks. 

When is Father’s Day in Australia?

Father’s Day falls on the first Sunday of September. In 2023, Father’s Day is on the 4th of September. It’s still a little ways off, but that doesn’t mean you can start planning. Start that little bit early and ensure your dad gets the best Father’s Day gifts available. 

What Father’s Day gifts do we give in Australia?

Our dads are very important to us! Father’s Day is the perfect time to thank your dad for always being there for you. He was there to watch all your greatest triumphs and helped pick you up when you were at your lowest. While Father’s Day is only one day of the year, that doesn’t mean we can only show him our appreciation on one day. 

In Australia, there are many different types of gifts we give our dads; foodie gifts, socks, undies are always a favorite. When looking for a gift for your dad, think about things he will like, he needs and will appreciate. Every dad is different, so not every gift will work for everyone. So take your time to consider what he might like and find the perfect gift for him. 

Coming up with Father’s Day gift ideas

Before you start looking for gifts, think about your dad. 

Has he mentioned anything he will like?

Is there anything he needs? 

What are his favorite indulgent treats?

Start slowly and work your way up to bigger ideas. Write a list of his likes and dislikes. This will help you a lot when choosing a Father’s Day gift. Build a foundation of ideas you can refer to. Look for gifts that include some of his interests. Remember, this gift is for your dad; keep him in mind when you look for a gift!

Guide to choosing the best Father’s Day gifts

We all know how difficult it is to come up with new ideas for different celebrations. You’re not alone. At Tastebuds, we have first hand experience when it comes to idea blocks. We are constantly bringing out new gifts, and deciding on what to do can be a struggle. As we do have some experience in the gifting department, we’re here to help you come up with ideas. 

Coming up with Father’s Day gift ideas should never be too difficult. You want to think about what your dad has or what he would appreciate. But dads can be a little hard to shop for. They buy what they want when they want and steal all your ideas. So, let’s do something new this year. The fantastic thing about foodie gifts is he will never expect them, and he won’t buy one for himself!

To help you with your search, we have created a guide you can follow. It doesn’t matter who the gift is from (or for), you can give him something he will adore this Father’s Day. Have a look at some of our Father’s Day gift suggestions and find the perfect gift for the man who raised you!

The best Father’s Day gifts from daughters

Your relationship with your dad is really special. You’re his little princess! He gave the world to you, and now you want to show how much you appreciated everything he did for you. If you can decide on the perfect Father’s Day gifts ideas for daughters, have a look at some of our suggestions. The relationship between father and daughter is unique and special, and you want to find a gift that matches!

Craft Brews Trio Chocolate Bouquet

Tastebuds Craft Brews Trio Chocolate Bouquet

Nothing beats 3 different craft beers and matching chocolate! If you’re looking for Father’s Day gift ideas from daughters, this will be at the top of the list. The different craft beers all introduce a realm of different flavor profiles we know your dad will adore. 

The Silver Fox Bacardi Bouquet

The older he gets, the more he’ll appreciate this gift! This is the perfect Father’s Day gift for every dad. The Silver Fox Bacardi Bouquet comes with a bottle of Bacardi Carta Blanca White Rum and a selection of scrumptious chocolates. This is the yummy gift you’ve been looking for!

Devil's Decanter Hamper

Tastebuds Devil's Decanter Hamper

Your dad will proudly display this gift! The Devil's Decanter Hamper comes with an exquisite Jim Beam Devils Cut bottle and a stunning decanter set. We know he will love these rich flavors almost as much as he loves you!

Fit For A King

He won’t need to wear a crown on his head after opening this gift! The Fit For A King chocolate bouquet has a bottle of Crown Lager, Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls and Chocolatier Belgian Chocolate Stars. This is a regal gift we know he will love.

Golden Chandon

Tastebuds Golden Chandon Product

The best way to celebrate it is with a glass of bubbly! Your dad won’t be able to stop himself from pouring a glass the second he opens this gift hamper. Our Chandon Brut is perfectly partnered with a range of sweet and savory snacks. It’s the ideal gift making his Father’s Day special. 

The best Father’s Day gifts from wives

Your kids might be too young to find gifts on their own, so it’s up to you to help them. Your husband has helped you raise and care for your children, and Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate him and all he’s done. The best way to do that is with a gift your know he will love and appreciate. Here are some of our suggestions for the ideal gifts to give your husband this Father’s Day. 

The Bold Shiraz Hamper

Tastebuds  Bold Shiraz Hamper

It may be a Father’s Day gift for him, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share! The bottle of Grigori Shiraz has rich flavors that meld well with our ships and chocolate coated strawberries. Choose the hamper you kids give him and enjoy the tasty treats! 

Glenfiddich Decanter Hamper

If he is a fantastic dad, let him know with this exquisite gift hamper! The Glenfiddich Decanter Hamper has a marvelous bottle of Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky. We know he will show off this gift in his new decanter set. It’s a perfect way the thank if for always supporting you!

Mars & Maltese Chocolate Bouquet

Tastebuds Mars & Maltese Chocolate Bouquet

It’s the perfect combination of chocolate! Mars and Maltesers are some of our favourite chocolate, and we have designed a stunning bouquet using them. If your husband loves these chocolates as much as we do, he will thoroughly enjoy this chocolate bouquet! 

Hats Off To The Captain

If he loves Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, this is the gift you’re looking for! Our Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum chocolate bouquet also comes with Lindt Dark Chocolate Balls and Chocolatier Belgium Milk Chocolate Stars. It’s a tastetastic gift your husband will love! 

Pepperjack Wine & Chocolate Bouquet

Tastebuds Pepperjack Wine & Chocolate Bouquet

Pepperjack is one of our favourite wines! The Pepperjack Wine & Chocolate Bouquet has the deep rich flavour he will love for Father’s Day. We know his face will light up when he opens this gift. Surprise your husband with something new and different! 

Finding the perfect first Father’s Day gifts

It’s his first time being a dad, and we know he’s doing a fantastic job! It’s a joyous but scary moment when you first become a parent. A newborn comes with new responsibilities, and you never know what to expect. He may not have had any experience and is muddling his way through. This will be his first Father’s Day, and it’s only fitting that you celebrate his accomplishments and make him feel special. Here are some of our suggestions for their first Father’s Day gifts. 

Cadbury Favourites Chocolate Gift

Tastebuds Cadbury Favourites Chocolate Gift

Get him all his favourites for his first Father’s Day! The Cadbury chocolate brand is loved by all! Our Cadbury Favourites Chocolate Gift has an assortment of 16 different Cadbury chocolates. It’s the perfect gift for the first time father! 

Ferrero Delight Chocolate Bouquet

A golden gift for his gold star performance! The Ferrero Delight Chocolate Bouquet comes with a scrumptious variety of chocolates. The only thing missing from this lovely gift is a card. Let him know he’s doing a fantastic job! 

Ruby Red & Strawberries Hamper

Tstebuds Ruby Red & Strawberries Hamper

Make him feel like royalty for his first Father’s Day! Our Ruby Red & Strawberries Hamper has a bottle of wine and an arrangement of sweet and savoury snacks. And let’s face it, the Grigori Cabernet Sauvignon is definitely the star of the show! The little bit of sweetness will complete his Father’s Day. 

Two Crowns Down

Two bottles of Crown Lager? Yes please! We know he will enjoy sipping from one of his favourite drinks! He can sit in his favourite chair, drink his beer and nibble on his favourite snacks. 

The Gangstar Gift

Tastebuds Gangstar Gift

Make him laugh with the Gangstar Vodka Gun! His first Father’s Day should be enjoyable, and this gift will elevate the experience. You can remind him that he can still have fun, even if he’s a dad. 

Father's Day Gifts For Single Moms

Your mum has done it all herself. She acts as both your mum and dad. Raising you by herself would have been difficult, but she managed to be amazon at it! While you might not have a dad, you can still send your mum a Father’ Day gift. If you aren’t sure what she will like, here are some suggestions. 

Cadbury Deluxe Chocolate Bouquet

Tastebuds Cadbury Deluxe Chocolate Bouquet

Your mum will always be there for you! Surprise her this Father’s Day with all her favourites! Our Cadbury Deluxe Chocolate Bouquet has 50 assorted Cadbury favourites! We know she will dive right into this delicious chocolate bouquet. 

Relaxation For Her

Give your mum a rejuvenating experience! The Relaxation For Her gift hamper has everything she needs to wash away her stress. She has done so much for you, and now it’s time for her to look after herself!

She's So Pretty Chocolate Bouquet

Tastebuds She's So Pretty Chocolate Bouquet

Remind your mum how pretty she is! Our She's So Pretty Chocolate Bouquet has a lovely assortment of chocolate she will thoroughly enjoy. It’s a fabulous display of pink and purple. We know she will love this gift almost as much as she loves you! 

Cruising Along

Vodka Cruisers are one of Australia favourite mixed drinks, and we know they will be your mums favourite as well. Our Cruising Along gift hamper comes with 3 Vodka Cruisers varieties and a lovely ensemble of sweet and savoury snacks. 

Sweet Chandon Rosé

Tastebuds Sweet Chandon Rosé Product

She can celebrate in the best way possible! After pouring a glass of Chandon Brut Rosé, she can relax and enjoy an assortment of tastebuddy delights. If she loves sweet things, she will adore this gift hamper. 

Top selling Father’s Day gifts across Australia

At Tastebuds, we deliver Australia wide. This means you can send a stunning gift to your dad from anywhere. From Melbourne to Perth, Sydney to Darwin, we have every State and Territory covered. Have a look at some of our most popular Father’s Day gifts for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We know your dad will adore any of these gifts!

What are the best selling Father’s Day gifts in Melbourne? 

If you’re after the best Father’s Day gifts in Australia, you’re in the right place. At Tastebuds, we’re located in Melbourne and know exactly what Melbournians like. Melbourne is filled with rich atmospheres and delicious foods, and we have made our gifts to match. This isn’t the entire list, but here are some of our best selling Melbourne Father’s Day gifts.  

Jack Lives Here Bouquet

Tastebuds Jack Lives Here Bouquet

Any lover of Jack will adore this stunning gift! All whisky lovers have heard of Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. Our Jack Lives Here Bouquet has all the matching chocolates needed to make their Father’s Day special. This is not the run of the mill gift they’ll be expecting! 

Black Beauty Whisky & Chocolate Bouquet

We all know black and gold are a fabulous colour combination! Our Black Beauty Whisky & Chocolate Bouquet comes with a stunning bottle of Johnnie Walker 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky. Your father can pour himself a glass while he enjoys his assortment of chocolates. 

Get On The Beers

Tastebuds Get On The Beers Product

You can choose his favorite beverage! Our Get On The Beers gift hamper comes with the choice of 5 different drinks! The only thing that will improve the hamper is a scrumptious assortment of snacks. Pick his favorite beverage and let the good times start.

What are the best selling Father’s Day gifts in Sydney? 

Sydney is bright and filled with life, just like your dad! If he enjoys chocolate or snack foods, we know he will love any of these gifts. All our Father’s Day gifts are created using the highest quality ingredients, which is why they are always a hit! You may not be able to visit your dad in Sydney, but you can still send him an Australian Father’s Day gift! Here are some of our best selling products. We know we have the perfect gift for your remarkable dad. 

Canadian Club Whiskey & Chocolate Bouquet

Tastebuds Canadian Club Whiskey & Chocolate Bouquet

Bring him endless enjoyment with one of his favourite agent's drinks! 007 loved Canadian Club Whisky, and we know your dad will too. He can spend his Father’s Day relaxing, eating his favourite chocolate and drinking his new whisky. 

Chianti Kindness

Give your dad a rich experience. The Chianti Kindness comes with a delectable bottle of Atilius Chianti Riserva. Your dad can pour a glass of wine as he nibbles on the included sweet and savoury snacks. It’s an indulgent gift your dad will enjoy. 

Antipasto Cheese Board Hamper

Tastebuds Antipasto Cheese Board Hamper

Set your dad up with a gift he can keep using! Our Antipasto Cheese Board Hamper has a 5 piece cheese board, an Ogilvie & Co Antipasto Set, cookies and more. We know your dad will love this gift hamper!

What are the best selling Father’s Day gifts in Brisbane?

He might live in Brisbane, but you can still send him a gift he will appreciate! If your dad lives far away, you can still let him know you’re thinking of him during this special, happy time. You can send him a gift filled with all his favourite items. Pick a gift tailor made to his taste, and we can guarantee he will love it. We know how hard it is to decide on a gift, so have a look at some of our best selling Brisbane hampers. 

Asahi Cheers Trio Chocolate Bouquet

Tastebuds Asahi Cheers Trio Chocolate Bouquet

The best way to celebrate Father’s Day is with a bottle of beer and chocolate! Our Asahi Cheers Trio Chocolate Bouquet comes with 3 Asahi Super Dry beers and a stunning arrangement of dark and milk chocolate. It’s a stunning black and silver gift he will adore. 

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Remind your dad how special he is with a gift hamper made for him! A bottle of Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz is perfectly paired with a variety of sweet and savoury snacks. If he loves Penfolds wine, he will love this chocolate bouquet! 

Smirnoff Red Chocolate Bouquet

Tastebuds Smirnoff Red Chocolate Bouquet

If you're looking for the best Father’s Day gift, this is the one for you! A bottle of Smirnoff Red Label Vodka is the star of this chocolate bouquet. And the best thing about it is the 20 Chocolatier Belgian Milk Chocolate Stars. It’s a stunning gift for a remarkable man! 

How can you personalise Father’s Day gifts?

While we don’t have the option to customise our Father’s Day gifts, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a unique gift. At Tastebuds, you can add any of our personalised items to your order. Write a message on a beer bottle, wine bottle, chocolate box, candle or ribbon. You can pick the colours and design. Pick a present and make a Father’s Day personalised gift. 

We know we have a lot of options for you to choose from, but that doesn’t mean they have everything your dad will like. If you can’t find the perfect gift, have you considered making one from scratch? Our Create Your Own section allows you to design a chocolate bouquet or construct a father's day gift hamper. Make a Father’s Day personalised gift and fill it with all his favourite treats. It’s the perfect way to make him feel special.  

Why are Father’s Day gifts from Tastebuds the best?

At Tastebuds, we know how special your relationship with your dad is. So, we have created a range of gifts we know he will love. The only thing missing from our range is a message from you. All our gifts come with a FREE greeting card. Write a meaningful note and let your dad know how much he means to you. It may not seem like much, but we know he will love it!