The sun is shining.

Birds are chirping.

And hearts are floating in the sky. 

It’s that time of the year again when Cupid's arrows are flying through the air! Everyone is getting infected with feelings of love, and it's contagious. All things are red and pink, and hearts decorate every store face. So it’s time for us all to show our love and affection.

Valentine’s Day gives us all the opportunity to let those we hold near and dear know we love them. And there’s no better way to do that than with an abundance of delicious treats to enjoy! At Tastebuds, we understand how important it is for you to let everyone know how you feel. It doesn’t matter if they are a friend, family member, work colleague, partner or any other significant person in your life. Being able to share and show your love is joyous!

This year, at Tastebuds, we have put together a range of new Valentine’s Day hampers that will capture the attention of your recipient. We have found only the highest quality items to make your hampers extra special. So have a look at what’s available and find the perfect gift for that special someone! 


What Is The Importance Of Valentine's Day Hampers?

Valentine’s Day gift hampers are a stunning display of all things tastebuddy! With a wide variety of options available, there is a little something for everyone. There are no limitations with inclusions for hampers. Why have only one item when you get a gift filled with a variety of your recipient’s favorite items? 

Valentine's hampers are perfect for everyone and every occasion! If you’re having a picnic with friends, our hampers are already packed and ready to go! Or, if you're settling down for an evening of rom-coms by candlelight, a hamper with a stunning bottle of wine will complete the setting. There are many different occasions where a hamper will complete the experience. 

Hampers are a versatile gift that will elevate your recipients Valentine’s Day! And the best part is they will fall in love with all the products included!

How To Find The Best Valentine’s Gift Hampers?

Tastebuds Best Valentine’s Gift Hampers

Putting together a hamper, or finding the right one, can take time, but we have made the process easier for you. Here are some tips for finding the best hamper for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Talk. Have a chat with the person you’re shopping for. Ask them what type of items they like. If you’re buying them a hamper, it is ideal to find out if they have any dietary restrictions. Finding out this information will ensure you buy the perfect gift for your recipient. Cater your gift to that significant person and find a hamper filled with items they will enjoy. 

  2. Browse. Have a look at what’s available. At Tastebuds, we have a Valentine’s Day collection put together with all our favourite items for the season. See what’s available and look at what’s included. All our products have detailed descriptions, so you know everything before purchasing.

  3. Compare. With many different options available, it’s hard to decide on a suitable hamper immediately. We recommend selecting a few standout options and comparing them. Look at what’s included. See how they are similar, how they are different. Think about your budget and make a decision that suits your needs. 

  4. Write. Finding the perfect hamper is only the first step in the process. Now it’s time for you to write a meaningful message that will capture their attention. You want them to think about you, so take your time and write a message for our free greeting card. 

Our Top Australian Valentine’s Day Hampers 

This year we have released a whole new range of hampers for Valentine’s Day. Whether you have an idea in mind or you’re looking for suggestions, here are some of our new hampers for the Valentine’s Day season. We know your Valentine will love them!

Melt Her Valentine Heart Hamper

She can have a romantic night filled with pampering and delicious sweet treats. The Melt Her Valentine Heart Hamper comes with beautifully scented soap, a cloche candle and a stunning bottle of 82 Metres Rosé. Bring a little extra flair to Valentine’s Day this year. This marvellous hamper your recipient will adore!

Cupids Arrow To Moët Hamper

Cupid saved the day with this hamper. We struggled to come up with ideas, and Cupid helped us out. Your recipient can enjoy a fabulous glass of ​​Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne while nibbling from a delicious range of lush snacks. Our Cupids Arrow To Moët Hamper comes with only our finest products. 

Happy Valentine's Crown Hamper

Tastebuds Happy Valentine's Crown Hamper Product

There’s only one way to enjoy a refreshing bottle of Crown Lager, and that’s with a scrumptious assortment of sweet and savory snacks. Make the men in your life feel like royalty this Valentine’s Day with a hamper tailor made to suit his tastes! All you need to do is write a magnificent message that will capture his heart. 

Moët Valentine Deluxe Hamper

Our Moët Valentine Deluxe Hamper is the gift you have been dreaming about. We have left nothing out of this luxurious hamper. This hamper is filled with all our gourmet items that will enrapture. Whether they are a friend, colleague or your significant other, they will fall in love after opening this hamper. 

Valentine's Cocktail Hamper

This year is all about celebrating love, and we all know the only way to celebrate is with a cocktail! Espresso martinis are delicious, and there’s no better gift to give this year. Our Valentine's Cocktail Hamper comes with all our favourite coffee flavoured delights that will complete your recipients Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine's Day Signature Gin Hamper

This is the perfect gourmet hamper for any mixologist you know. The Valentine's Day Signature Gin Hamper comes with the award winning 23rd Street Distillery Signature Gin. You and your recipient can enjoy an evening together filled with scrumptious treats and sensational treats. Have a little fun this Valentine’s Day with a hamper crafted for enjoyment!

The Pink Love Hamper

We all know pink is a colour of love and this hamper is not lacking in it. The Pink Love Hamper has all the sweet things needed for the sweetest person in your life. Your recipient will dive right in when they see the melting moments, fudge and rocky road!

Vegan Valentine & Pink Gin Hamper

Our Valentine’s Day gift hampers have everything you need to add a little romance. And our Vegan Valentine & Pink Gin Hamper is no exception. Our bottle of Tread Softly Natural Botanicals Pink Gin is a crowd favourite. You won’t need to get any flowers after seeing this hamper. With beautiful floral packaging, you won’t find a better gift for your Valentine. And the best thing is… IT’S ENTIRELY VEGAN!

Valentine Pink & Sparkling Hamper

Celebrate your relationship the best way possible, with bubbly and succulent treats! Our Zilzie Selection 23 Prosecco Rosé is perfectly accompanied with white chocolate, rocky road and cookies. The Valentine Pink & Sparkling Hamper is the only gift you will need this Valentine’s Day. 

The Aviator Lover Hamper

Tastebuds The Aviator Lover Hamper Products

This is a hamper even Ryan Reynolds would be envious of. Everyone knows Aviation American Gin is a crowd favourite, so we made it the highlight of this hamper. Your recipient can relax and enjoy a glass of amazing gin while feasting on an assortment of some of our favourite sweet and savoury treats. 

Why Should You Buy Valentine’s Day Hampers From Tastebuds?


At Tastebuds, we are making your online gifting experience easier. All our Valentine’s gift hampers have been put together using only the highest quality products. You can shop in confidence, knowing your recipient is only receiving the best gifts available.

We all know shopping for different people can be challenging. Everybody has different tastes and preferences. Suppose you can find the perfect item you’re looking for from our collections. In that case, we have a Create Your Own section, where you can put together a hamper filled with your recipients favourite items. 

Buying a gift from Tastebuds will not only brighten your recipient’s day, but it will lift yours as well. At Tastebuds, we offer a FREE estimated next day delivery Australia-wide for orders placed before 2 pm. You can bring a little magic to their Valentine’s Day with one of our fabulous Valentine’s hampers.

We know we have the perfect gifts you’re looking for in our collection of hampers. So take your time and have a look at what’s available. Find your ideal gift, and remember to keep that special person in mind. Give your recipient an unforgettable Valentine’s Day hamper from Tastebuds!