It is hard to make it to 25 years, but when you do, it’s something special! 

Currently, the divorce rate is so high that not many people can celebrate 25 years of marriage.

But if you can, make it magical. 

So if you have a 25th wedding anniversary coming up, you need to go all out. Celebrate your long relationship and make everyone jealous. After all, 25 years of marriage is a massive accomplishment, and you should make the most of it!

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

What does it mean to be together for 25 years?

25 years is a long time. It’s a quarter of a century and a majority of your adult life!

Being together for that long means you know nearly everything about each other. You have had 25 years to spend with the person you love, learned their interests, dislikes, favorite foods and so much more. 

It’s no small feat to make it to 25 years, so it is very important to celebrate this milestone. There are many ways you can spend the day, from going out to dinner with your family to having a romantic getaway. You can do something different, or just spend the day in each others company. Spend the day how you would like and make it an occasion you will cherish. 

25th wedding anniversary gifts and traditions

Traditionally the 25th wedding anniversary gift is silver. Silver symbolises radiance and brilliance for a long lasting marriage. It’s a strong metal that represents your bond as a couple. It doesn’t matter whether the gift is genuine sterling silver or just the colour. Any gift with a silver hue will be a fantastic gift for your partner. 

Why do we need to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary?

25 years is a long time to be together. You have had many years to get to know each other and grown to share every moment, no matter how big or small. You have supported, loved and cared through the good times and the bad. Taking a moment to celebrate will let you reminisce your favorite memories and further value your time together.  

How to find 25th wedding anniversary gifts

We know buying gifts for your significant other can be a little challenging, but after 25 years, you have had plenty of experience! 

As 25 years of marriage is a huge accomplishment, you need to make this wedding anniversary gift something special. The traditional gift is sterling silver, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it literally. 

Think about some of your partner’s favorite things and see if you can adapt them into a gift. Look for silver related items, whether the real deal or just the color. You don’t need to stick to this tradition. However, the meaning is beautiful. By finding a gift that relates to silver, you can solidify the meaning and show how much you value your relationship.

This is an anniversary gift, so you could also look for gifts you both can enjoy. Have a shared experience or just simply buy gifts for each other. Decide on an idea that will bring a smile to both of your faces.  

Our top 25th wedding anniversary gifts

With silver as the theme, we have selected all our best selling items that have a sprinkle of the colour. If you’re looking for a stunning 25th wedding anniversary gift, we highly recommend these beautiful gifts. 

Grand Heart Handheld Chocolate Bouquet

Tastebuds Grand Heart Handheld Chocolate Bouquet

Give your partner one heart of silver or 60! The Chocolatier Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts are creamy and delicious. We know they will adore this anniversary gift. It’s a handheld chocolate bouquet your partner can hold close to their heart. 


Grand Rainbow Chocolate Bouquet

It’s a fabulous rainbow display of silver chocolate hearts! 25 years together is a long time, and this chocolate bouquet will show how much you loved every moment of it. We know your partner will adore the 60 Chocolatier Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts.


Asahi Cheers Chocolate Bouquet

Tastebuds Asahi Cheers Chocolate Bouquet

The best way to celebrate is with a bottle of beer… and maybe some chocolate. Your partner will fall in love with this charming display. A bottle of Asahi Super Dry comes with a variety of milk and dark chocolate. It is an incredibly indulgent display of affection. 

The Silver Fox Bacardi Bouquet

After 25 years, he is bound to be a silver fox now. Our bottle of Bacardi Carta Blanca White Rum is the star of the show. Your remarkable man can enjoy a glass of rum, mixed or straight, as he munches on some succulent chocolate. 

Speckles & Sparkles

Tastebuds Speckles & Sparkles Product

A touch of silver and all things delicious! A bottle of Freixenet Prosecco and scrumptious sweet and savoury treats can be enjoyed by both you and your partner. It’s a tastebuddy delight you can both indulge in. 

Dark Chocolate Dream Gift

Indulge in rich and scrumptious chocolates as you think about all your favourite moments. The mixture of Baci and Lindt dark chocolate balls is an indulgent treat you both will treasure. It is the perfect anniversary gift for this special moment. 

Glenlivet Founders Decanter Hamper

Tastebuds Glenlivet Founders Decanter Hamper

There may not be any silver in this gift, but it has some liquid gold. Our Glenlivet Founders Decanter Hamper is a favourite for all anniversary gifts. Complete this stunning gift with a lovely message addressed to your partner. 

Chandon Picnic Starter

Take things outside and celebrate with bubbles. The Chandon Picnic Starter has a bottle of Chandon Sparkling Brut and a variety of sweet and savoury snacks. You can even invite your loved ones along!

Velvet Dreams

Tastebuds Velvet Dreams Products

Bring a little romance and deliciousness to your anniversary gifts. Our Velvet Dreams hamper is put together using all the items you’ve been dreaming about. It’s a fantastic gift to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary!

Moët Lovers Delight

You have been in love for a long time, and now it’s your turn to celebrate 25 years. Take a walk down memory lane with a bottle of Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne and enjoy the included nibbles. 

Buying 25th wedding anniversary gifts at Tastebuds

At Tastebuds, we celebrate every milestone and occasion with matching gifts you and your recipient will enjoy. All our 25th wedding anniversary gifts are created using the highest quality ingredients and carefully constructed with love. 

You can select an estimated delivery date and have your gift delivered on your anniversary. Make your anniversary gift one to remember, and think about adding a little silver. We know we have a lovely selection of 25th wedding anniversary gifts for you to choose from at Tastebuds.