Surprise him with an anniversary gift he will appreciate!

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him In 2022

Have you thought about giving him a delicious chocolate bouquet or gift hamper?

He will simply adore munching on all the scrumptious nibbles. 

Make this anniversary one to remember with a gift that will make his tastebuds tingle! 

Find the perfect anniversary gift for him and make that day one to remember!

Why do we need anniversary gifts for him?

They only happen once a year, but you should always celebrate them! Anniversaries are the perfect time to show how much you love and value the relationship you both built. It takes a lot of work to make a relationship last, and being able to celebrate your anniversary is a huge milestone. It might not seem like much to you, but we can guarantee your partner will greatly appreciate an anniversary gift for him. 

Giving your partner an anniversary gift will only strengthen your relationship! While getting a gift might not seem all that important, it can show how much you know him and pay attention. Anniversary gifts for him are designed to celebrate your relationship! So make sure you find him that suits his tastes and puts a smile on his face!  

Anniversary gift ideas for the remarkable man in your life

Anniversaries mark different milestones, and celebrating them is a gift! It doesn’t matter if you have been together for one month or twenty years. Let that special man know how much you love and cherish him with a fantastic anniversary gift! 

It can be a little challenging to find a gift when so many options are available. At Tastebuds, we want to make your online gifting experience stress free! We have listed some anniversary gifts for him below. Have a look at our suggestions and find the perfect addition to your anniversary!

First anniversary

You have made it past one year, and now it’s time to celebrate! Whether you're married or not, you can still show your affection with one of these fantastic gifts. Not many people make it past one year, so take this moment to bask in your relationship! Here are some of our most popular one year anniversary gifts for him. Have a look at what’s included and choose the perfect present to make his day!

Anniversary Teddy Bouquet

Wish him a ‘Happy Anniversary’ with an adorable teddy bear! Our Anniversary Teddy Bouquet is the perfect gift to celebrate one year together. He has given you his heart, and you can give him 20 back. Give him this scrumptious gift and make the day unforgettable!

Pepperjack Wine & Chocolate Bouquet

Pepperjack Wine & Chocolate Bouquet

The Pepperjack Wine & Chocolate Bouquet is perfect for one person (or more) to enjoy! This stunning gift comes with a rich bottle of Pepperjack Wine and a stunning milk and dark chocolate arrangement. It’s an indulgent feast we know he will appreciate!

Loved Up Couples Gift

Add a touch of romance to your already special day! Have a little fun on your anniversary with a gift hamper you both can enjoy. The Loved Up Couples Gift hamper comes with two bottles of wine and a collection of goodies for a love filled night at home. It’s one of our favourite one year anniversary gifts for him. 

Second anniversary 

Put a smile on his face and remind him of your second anniversary! You have been together for a while now and have learned each other's likes and dislikes. You have had a few arguments, and your relationship has only gotten stronger! Do something a little different this year and find your ideal 2nd year anniversary gifts for him at Tastebuds. Here are some suggestions to give you a few ideas!

Jack Lives Here Bouquet

If he likes whisky, he will love this gift! The Jack Lives Here Bouquet features a fabulous Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey bottle. Surprise with the stunning combination of American whiskey and scrumptious chocolate nibbles!

Ferrero Delight Chocolate Bouquet

Ferrero Delight Chocolate Bouquet

A classy gift perfect for a 2nd year anniversary gift for him! The Ferrero Delight Chocolate Bouquet is made using all your favourite chocolates. With Ferrero Rocher, Lindt and Chocolatier Belgian stars, it’s a combination of all things delicious. We know he will love this gift! 

An Aviation Gin Hamper

Give him a gourmet gift he will never forget! He can settle into his favourite chair and enjoy a glass of Aviation Gin as he enjoys all the accompanying nibbles. The Aviation Gin Hamper will be the envy of all his friends!

Fifth anniversary

After five years, you deserve to be celebrated! Whether you’re married or not, at Tastebuds, we have the perfect 5th year wedding anniversary gifts for him. Show your love and devotion with an indulgent treat. Our gifts are the perfect accompaniment to any event or occasion. Plan something special for your fifth anniversary and add a little indulgence to the mixture. Have a look at some of our gift ideas for your remarkable man!

Dark Chocolate Dream Gift

It’s the dark chocolate gift of his dreams! If he enjoys the indulgent flavours of dark chocolate, you can guarantee he will love this gift. The Dark Chocolate Dream Gift includes Lindt and Baci dark chocolate balls. He can feast on a collection of delicious chocolates! 

Asahi Cheers Trio Chocolate Bouquet

Asahi Cheers Trio Chocolate Bouquet

Rich and decadent are the best way to describe this gift! The Asahi Cheers Trio Chocolate Bouquet comes with three Asahi Super Dry Beers, extra dark Lindt chocolate and Chocolatier Belgian milk chocolate stars. He will simply adore this gift!

Gourmet Moët Love Hamper

It’s a bit extra, but we know he will adore this gourmet gift! The combination of sweet and savoury has never tasted so amazing. Pour yourselves a glass of Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut and think about all the good times. Celebrate the right way with a gourmet 5th wedding anniversary gift for him!

Tenth anniversary

After ten years, you know almost everything about each other! Traditionally for the tenth anniversary, you would give tin or aluminium, but that doesn’t mean you have to give a gift that incorporates this. At Tastebuds, we have a different gift for every occasion. Have a look at some of our 10th anniversary gifts for him! We know your remarkable man will love any of these suggestions! 

Stay Gold Chocolate Bouquet

Who needs metal gold when you can have the liquid kind? The Stay Gold Chocolate Bouquet features a Chivas Regal 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky and a stunning bouquet of delicious chocolate. If he loves whisky, he will love this gift! 


#1 For Him Hamper

#1 For Him Hamper

Give him a hamper tailored to his tastes! The #1 For Him Hamper allows you to choose between four different whiskeys. Every product in this hamper is bursting with flavour! He can enjoy a glass of his favourite whisky while you steal all the included snacks!

Grand Rainbow Chocolate Bouquet

10 years is a long time, so show your love with 60 chocolate hearts! The Grand Rainbow Chocolate Bouquet is a fantastic display of all things delicious. There’s no need to find a gift that’s his favourite colour when you can give him all of them!


Wedding anniversary gifts

Your wedding anniversary is one of the only times you get to show off your love and affection for each other! Marriage requires a lot of hard work from both of you, and you’re doing a fantastic job. Thank him for everything he has done for you with a fabulous gift tailored to his tastes. Make your day special with some stunning wedding anniversary gifts for him. Check out some of our tastebuddy suggestions and pick the best one for him!  

Blue Skyy Vodka & Chocolate Bouquet

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married; this is the perfect gift for any year! The Blue Skyy Vodka & Chocolate Bouquet is a stunning display of blue and gold. Put a smile on his face and let him know how much he means to you with this fantastic gift! 

Whisky Choice And Snack Hamper

Whisky Choice And Snack Hamper

Send your partner a delicious savoury treat! The Whisky Choice And Snack Hamper allows you to pick his favourite whisky and comes with Red Rock Deli’s finest nibbles. He will appreciate everything in this hamper. It’s the perfect wedding anniversary gift for him!

Golden Celebration Chocolate Bouquet Bucket

Delicious is the only word needed to describe this chocolate bouquet! The Golden Celebration Chocolate Bouquet Bucket includes 20 Ferrero Rocher and 30 Chocolatier Belgian milk chocolate hearts. It’s a scrumptious display we know he will love! 


Unique anniversary gifts

If you don’t want to repeat the same gifts or are looking for something a little different, you have come to the right place! Don’t follow traditions and gift some unique anniversary gifts for him. They have a touch of charm and elegance, perfect for making any anniversary memorable! At Tastebuds, you can even add a little something extra to make your gift more special. Make this year different and give him one of our unique anniversary gifts. 

Ultimate Indulgence Chocolate Bouquet

This is the best bouquet he will ever receive! The Ultimate Indulgence Chocolate Bouquet comes with a stunning 60 chocolate heart bouquet and a bottle of Moët Chandon Champagne. It’s a unique anniversary gift made for him! 

Cocktail Delight Hamper

Cocktail Delight Hamper

Help him relax with a collection of delicious cocktails! Our Cocktail Delight Hamper has everything you need to make him feel special on your anniversary. With four mixology cocktails and a collection of scrumptious snacks, we know he will love this hamper! 

Chocolate Hugs Bouquet

The best way to say ‘I Love You’ is with a teddy bear and chocolate! It doesn’t matter how long you have been together. This is the perfect unique gift you’ve been looking for. Put a smile on his face and let him know how special he is with this gorgeous gift! 


Why does Tastebuds have the best anniversary gifts for him?

At Tastebuds, we continuously release new products that are perfect for every anniversary! Whether you’re after a traditional gift, or something unique and modern, we have a little something for everyone. Have a look at our suggestions and find a fantastic gift for your special day. Let him know how much you love and value him with a stunning anniversary gift from Tastebuds.