Easter is nearly here, and it’s time to look for chocolatey treats for your loved ones to eat!

Easter is a wonderful time to spend with your friends and family! However, one thing is missing… a scrumptious assortment of Easter chocolate! 

Whether you’re shopping with your friends, family members, work colleagues or everybody in between, you can never go wrong with an Easter chocolate gift. Both young and old recipients will thoroughly enjoy an Easter gift that features a lot of chocolate. And deciding on what Easter hamper you should choose is the hard part. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! 

At Tastebuds, we are chocolate fiends and have the perfect recommendations for every chocolate lover you know. In this blog, we have a list of our favourite Easter chocolate gifts. Have a look at our different options and find the perfect Easter gifts you’re looking for!


Why is chocolate the perfect Easter gift?

Chocolate Easter gifts became more mainstream during the 19th century, and now we can’t imagine Easter without them! Easter chocolate is a delicious alternative to other Easter traditions. Chocolate lasts for a long time and can be sent anywhere in Australia

At Tastebuds, we know it can be difficult to visit your loved ones over the Easter holidays. So we have created some fantastic gifts to let them know you’re thinking of them! Easter chocolate gifts can be sent to all your loved ones across Australia. They come in a variety of colours, brands and flavours. Have a look at the different Easter chocolate gifts available and send your loved ones a gift they will remember!

What is a chocolate Easter gift?

At Tastebuds, chocolate is one of our favourite foods, and we have created some stunning Easter gifts to celebrate it! A chocolate Easter gift is filled with everything a chocolate lover will adore. With rich, creamy chocolate eggs, bunnies and more. There are plenty of Easter chocolate gifts available, so take your time and find the perfect options for your loved ones!

How to select good Easter chocolate gifts

Choosing an Easter chocolate gift has never been easier at Tastebuds! We have the perfect arrangement of Easter gifts that celebrate all things chocolate! While we do have a lot to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down the choices. Here are some helpful tips to make your search easier. 

Decide between an Easter chocolate bouquet or an Easter hamper. At Tastebuds, we have a collection of fabulous gifts for you to choose from! While almost all of them come with a stunning arrangement of chocolate. There are some slight differences between our hampers and chocolate bouquets. All our Easter hampers come with a selection of Easter items; however, other products are mixed in as well. Whereas our chocolate bouquets feature a variety of different chocolates. Each gift is different, so look at what’s included in the product descriptions and make your decision!

Think about your recipient’s age. Finding the perfect gifts can be easy if you remember to keep your recipients age in mind! Children will simply adore a gift filled with chocolate, while adults might prefer a gift with a little extra indulgence. Think about what they like and find a gift that makes their taste buds tingle!

Determine whether you’re shopping for one or more people. Take a moment to think about who you’re shopping for. A larger Easter gift will be perfect for more than one person, while a smaller one is ideal for a single person to enjoy. Decide how many people you’re shopping for and find a perfect hamper for them to enjoy!

Chocolate Easter gifts are perfect for almost every person you know. Still, you can make your gift more special by keeping your recipient in mind! 

Our top Easter chocolate gifts for chocolate lovers

Looking for an Easter gift can be a lot of fun! There are lots of options for you to choose from, and each one is just as scrumptious as the last! Read the product descriptions to learn more about what’s included in each gift! Here are some of our top Easter chocolate gifts to browse through. 

Hoppily Ever After Bouquet In Blue

Hoppily Ever After Bouquet In Blue Product

This is the perfect chocolate bouquet for every age! The Hoppily Ever After Bouquet In Blue comes with thirty large and small Cadbury eggs beautifully arranged! It’s a bright and colourful treat your recipients need to complete their Easter.  

The Bunny Family Easter Hamper

The Bunny Family Easter Hamper Product

If you’re looking for an Easter hamper to share, this is the perfect gift for you. With four chocolate bunnies and an assortment of delicious chocolate eggs, The Bunny Family Easter Hamper is ideal for an entire family to enjoy. There’s even an Easter activity pack included! 

Bunny Surprise Easter Hamper

Bunny Surprise Easter Hamper Product

Our Bunny Surprise Easter Hamper features two chocolate bunnies, three large eggs and twenty small chocolate eggs. It’s the ideal chocolate gift for one or more people to enjoy! A chocolatey Easter wouldn’t be complete without this hamper!

Lindt Easter Gold Bunny Bouquet

Lindt Easter Gold Bunny Bouquet Product

There’s no need to go hunting in the garden when a delightful chocolate garden can be delivered to your recipient! Bring a smile to your recipient’s face with a chocolate bouquet filled with happy garden friends! The Lindt Easter Gold Bunny Bouquet comes with two Lindt milk chocolate bunnies and a collection of Lindt bunny friends. It’s a happy gift everyone will enjoy! 

Easter Eggstravaganza

Easter Eggstravaganza Product

The best way to celebrate Easter is with fifty chocolate eggs! At Tastebuds, our Easter Eggstravaganza comes with ten Cadbury Easter eggs and forty mini eggs. It’s a bright and colourful gift your recipient will love! 

Why should you buy chocolate Easter gifts at Tastebuds? 

At Tastebuds, we are experts in creating chocolate gifts, and our Easter gifts are no exception! If you know a chocolate lover, we have a stunning arrangement of chocolate gifts we know they will love. Spread a little Easter spirit with either an Easter chocolate bouquet or a chocolate hamper. We all know at least one chocolate lover, and they will adore any gift from Tastebuds!