Easter is nearly here! It’s a fun time to spread a little Easter spirit, but most importantly, it’s a fantastic time to celebrate with your loved ones! 

We all have memories of running around our backyards looking for Easter eggs. The Easter bunny is always good at hiding them, and sometimes it could get a bit difficult. But that never discouraged us! It only comes once a year and is filled with happy memories. 

We all have fantastic memories filled with the Easter spirit. Now you have the perfect opportunity to share a little of your own! 

At Tastebuds, we have a fantastic range of Easter hampers for you to choose from! Whether you’re shopping for someone young or old, you can surprise them with an Easter hamper they will never forget! Send an Easter gift hamper to your friends, family members, work colleagues and all the other significant people in your life. Let them know you’re thinking of them or gift an anonymous present from the Easter bunny!

Easter is all about celebrating new life and spreading festive cheer. Our hampers are bright, colourful, and the perfect Easter gifts you’re looking for. Have a look at all our different types and send the perfect gifts to your loved ones! 

What is an Easter hamper?

An Easter hamper is a bright, colourful gift that spreads a little Easter cheer! Hampers are a versatile gift that can be sent to anyone. Whether they are 6 or 60 years old, you can find the perfect Easter hampers to send them. 

At Tastebuds, our Easter hampers come with a range of delightful products for your loved ones to enjoy! We have hampers that include chocolate eggs, bunnies, activity packs, sweet nibbles and a cheeky bottle of wine for the adults to enjoy. Check out our different hampers and find the perfect gifts for this Easter season!

Why do we give Easter gift hampers? 

There are times when you might not be able to visit your loved ones in person for the holiday season. It’s sad, and unfortunately, it does happen. But that doesn’t mean you can send them your love and affection. 

At Tastebuds, our collection of Easter hampers is the perfect alternative to being there in person! Whether they are near or far, you can send them an Easter gift they will love and appreciate. Of course, this festive season isn’t all about receiving gifts, but they are the perfect way to let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them! 

Easter Hampers In Australia

How do you select a good Easter hamper?

Choosing an Easter hamper doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can find a lot of enjoyment in finding gifts for your loved ones! Everyone is different with varying tastes and preferences. But that can still be fun! When you find the perfect gift for a particular person, you can get a giddy feeling of joy and anticipation. You can’t wait for them to open your gift and love what they received. 

If you don't know where to start, here are some helpful questions you can ask yourself.

Are they old enough to drink? It might seem silly, but it is an important starting point. Make sure you’re buying an appropriate hamper for your loved ones! At Tastebuds, we have a selection of Easter hampers with wine for adults to enjoy and chocolate ones for those underage.

Do they like chocolate, or would they prefer something else? There are various Easter hampers available online for you to choose from. All of them are different and offer a range of items. At Tastebuds, we have Easter hampers that are filled with chocolate and others that feature an assortment of sweet nibbles. Have a look at all the different kinds before deciding, and keep your recipient's preferences in mind!  

Is there a dietary restriction your need to take into consideration? Finding an Easter hamper can be challenging if there is a dietary restriction you need to account for. Whether vegan, gluten, or dairy-free, searching for appropriate gifts can be difficult. At Tastebuds, we have created a couple of hampers that cater to dietary requirements! Carefully read through the descriptions and ensure they’re appropriate for your loved ones. 

Finding the right Easter gift for your loved ones can take some time, but it will be worth it!

What are the best selling Easter hampers in Australia?

Sometimes it’s not possible to see your loved ones for Easter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send them a gift to let them know you’re thinking of them! At Tastebuds, we deliver Australia wide and have the perfect hampers for you to choose from. Here are some of our most popular Easter hampers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. They are all different, and we know your loved ones will appreciate any hamper you send!

Easter hampers for Melbourne

Our best selling Easter hampers in Melbourne come with a range of decadent treats for your loved ones to enjoy. You might not be able to see them in person, but we know they will love any of these gifts. Have a look at our most popular hampers and send the perfect gift this Easter!

Easter Freckles Hamper

TasteBuds Easter Freckles Hamper product

Your loved ones can enjoy a bright and happy gift perfect for any age. The Easter Freckles Hamper includes a variety of sweet treats with a subtle hint of savoury bliss with a packet of chips. There’s a reason why this is a popular Easter hamper for Melbourne! 

Azahara Shiraz Easter Decadence Hamper

A touch of class to complete a bright and cheerful day! The Azahara Shiraz Easter Decadence Hamper features a bottle of Azahara Shiraz can a decadent display of chocolates. Any adult will happily dig into this stunning display. It’s an excellent Easter gift anyone will love!

The Vegan Easter Hamper

Tastebuds The Vegan Easter Hamper product

Whether they are vegan or dairy free, this is a fantastic choice for you! The Vegan Easter Hamper comes with an organic chocolate egg, peanut butter cups and more. You can brighten their day with a hamper that meets their dietary requirements! 

Easter hampers for Sydney

All our top selling Easter hampers for Sydney are bright and colourful, the perfect gifts to make their Easter memorable! Bring a smile to their face and let them know your think of them during this holiday season. Here are some of Sydney’s favourite hampers, have a look at what’s included and find the perfect Easter hamper to brighten their day!

Easter Eggstravaganza

Tastebuds Easter Eggstravaganza product

If one egg isn’t enough, have you thought about getting 60? Our Easter Eggstravaganza gift is perfect for all age groups. Whether they are young or old, everyone will be happy to receive this hamper. It’s a charming display that will put a smile on everyone's face! 

Easter Speckles & Sparkles

Celebrate the day with a glass of bubbly! Our Easter Speckles & Sparkles hamper features a fabulous bottle of Freixenet Prosecco and a lovely arrangement of sweet and savoury nibbles. We can guarantee they will simply adore this hamper! 

The Bunny Family Easter Hamper

Tastebuds The Bunny Family Easter Hamper product

This is a hamper the entire family can enjoy! The Bunny Family Easter Hamper has four chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs and an Easter activity pack. While the kids enjoy their activities, the parents can steal a few chocolates for themselves! 

Easter hampers for Brisbane

Easter only comes once a year. Let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them with one of our favourite Easter hampers for Brisbane. Each one is different, so look at all the included items! Find a stunning hamper they will adore and make this Easter one they will cherish! 

Tickle Me Easter Pink Hamper

Tastebuds Tickle Me Easter Pink Hamper product

It’s a beautiful blushing pink gift to complete their Easter celebrations! With a bottle of Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé and a collection of fantastic nibbles, any adult will thoroughly enjoy this hamper! Have a look at all the included items and send this hamper to your favourite person! 

Azahara Sparkling Easter Decadence Hamper

There’s a reason why this is one of our best selling Easter hampers in Brisbane! The Azahara Sparkling Easter Decadence Hamper comes with a stunning bottle of Azahara Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir. Your loved ones can pour themselves a glass and enjoy the rich, indulgent flavours! 

Bunny Surprise Easter Hamper

Tastebuds Bunny Surprise Easter Hamper product

The little ones will have a hoptastic time with this hamper! With two chocolate bunnies and a collection of deliciously sweet eggs, the young ones will be bouncing off the walls! Help continue the Easter magic with this child friendly hamper! 

Why should you buy Easter hampers from Tastebuds? 

At Tastebuds, all our Easter hampers come with a FREE customisable greeting card! You can write a message to your loved ones, letting them know you’re thinking of them. It can be sentimental, comical or from the Easter bunny. It’s a magical addition we know your recipient will greatly value! 

It doesn’t matter how old they are, anyone will love an Easter hamper from Tastebuds!