Let us celebrate the new bundle of joy together!

Your loved one just got a baby or are they expecting one? Thinking of what to gift them? We know it might be difficult, to begin with the abundance of possibilities. Don’t worry we got you covered. Our collection of baby hampers in Melbourne can be the best gift you can ever give for the newborns / parents.

There is no better way than gifting a hamper to them, with everything they need to care for their new bundle of joy. 

Different parents have different types of tastes and preferences. So it’s important to select the right items to go in with extra care. 

Toys, embroidered blankets, and baby outfits are typical presents for newborns and as well as some lavish treats for new parents. (Extra tip: Find mummy’s cravings and add some of those too).

Choosing the perfect baby hamper

Consider the age and development stage:

It's crucial to consider a baby's age and developmental stage while selecting a present. This will assist you in selecting a present that will support their development and learning and is appropriate for their needs and abilities.

Gifts that are soft, safe, and simple to grasp and hold onto are a fantastic choice for newborns. This is because they are just beginning to explore their surroundings. Soft toys, cuddly animals, and sensory goods like fabric books and teething toys are a few examples of unique newborn baby gift ideas.

The infant will acquire new abilities and interests as they grow and become more mobile and curious. If the infant is a little older, consider giving them items to aid their growth and education. This could include writing/reading books that provide fresh ideas and concepts, music and instruments that engage the senses, games and puzzles that test their problem-solving abilities, and wooden toys that inspire imaginative play. Crayons, markers, and paints are some examples of art tools that might make a creative and entertaining gift for an older infant.

Personalisation and customisation options:

A kid may not recall who gave her/him many soft toys or a race car, but she/he will always remember that you gave them a CD of their favourite music. 

They will remember you giving them a personalised gift for years because it is memorable.

Making an emotional connection is ultimately what gives personalised presents their significance. You demonstrate that you care enough to do more than simply grab and wrap the newest gadget. You're showing that you care by locating a unique gift the child can confidently claim is theirs and nobody else's. You are informing the youngster that she/he is unique and deserving of a similarly unique gift.

You'll realise the value of personalised gifts when they open it and their face beams joyfully.

Here are some ideas on personalising the baby gift hamper;

  • Swaddle Blanket with the Baby Name
  • Baby Bedroom Pennant Flag
  • Children's Treasure Bag
  • Custom Name Blocks
  • Custom Knit Pullover Name Sweater
  • Name Pillow
  • Knit Leather Patch Beanie
  • Cellular Blanket
  • Hooded Baby Dressing Gown
  • Baby Bodysuit
  • Baby Monogram Outfit
  • Moon and Stars Night Light
  • Picture frame 

You can easily personalise the above gifts by adding their name, date of birth, picture, favourite colours etc... 

Their preference would differ, thus do consider their gender too.

Quality and safety considerations:

When picking a gift for a baby, safety is crucial. Make sure that toys are age-appropriate and adhere to safety regulations. Avoid goods with small parts or sharp edges. Before buying, look up for any recalls and read the manufacturer's safety instructions.

This is where quality materials, non-toxic products, and child-safe toys play a crucial role.

They are not only safer for your infant but also for the environment. The primary benefits of buying these toys are that they are high-quality, safe, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly. This is the reason why hazardous toys are not popular with modern parents.

But if you choose plastic toys, look for the recycling emblem on the toy's bottom. Select toys made of plastic with the recycling codes #1, #2, #4, or #5. These recycling codes designate a less chemically corrosive kind of plastic. (Avoid recycling plastic using codes #3 and #6)

Make sure the toy paint or dye is non-toxic or exclusively contains plant-based dyes.

Choose a smaller number of higher-quality toys rather than a large number of lower-quality toys. 

Budget-friendly options:

With so many local and international brands out there, it could be hard for you to select affordable yet high-quality brands. Here’s a list of local businesses providing value-for-money products;

Here are some tips on how to save money without compromising on the hamper's quality.

  • Check if you add something homemade
  • Try to keep it simple without too overcrowding gifts inside the hamper
  • Use shredded paper to fill in the space

Suggestions for baby girl hampers in Melbourne

Here are some suggestions for baby girl hampers sold in Melbourne.

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Blush Forest Family Baby Hamper

New Baby Celebration Hamper 

New Baby Romper Celebrations Hamper

Suggestions for baby boy hampers in Melbourne

Here are some suggestions for baby boy hampers sold in Melbourne

Bright Baby Blue Hamper 

Blue Forest Family Baby Hamper

Bright Baby Green Hamper 

New Baby Growsuit Celebrations Hamper 



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