As the EOFY approaches, there’s no better time to start thinking about getting gifts for your staff. 

When you’re buying gifts for your staff, there’s no limit to what you can send them. From delicious treats to unforgettable keepsakes, you can make your EOFY staff gifts memorable this year. 

At Tastebuds, we have a range of edible bouquets and gift hampers we know your staff will enjoy! With a selection of sweet and savoury options, we have a little something for everyone. Whether you're looking for gifts with alcohol or snacking feasts, there’s a range of possibilities for you to explore. Take your time to browse our selection and find stunning gifts for your staff. 

Below we have listed seven reasons why you should give your staff gifts this EOFY. 


Why should you give EOFY gifts to your staff? 

There are many reasons why you need EOFY gifts for staff. Here are some of our top reasons why you should give EOFY gifts to your staff.

Give thank you gifts to your staff

Give thank you gifts to your staff

As a company, it’s important to relish all the small moments and sometimes the best way you can do that is with a thank you gift. Thank you gifts for staff can be a fantastic way to show your appreciation. They have helped you get through this busy time, and they deserve some recognition. If you are looking for a thank you gift for your staff, have a look at our Australian Sweets Hamper or Pepperjack Wine & Chocolate Bouquet for inspiration. See what products are included with each gift and determine whether they are what you’re looking for. 

Boost company loyalty

Part of the reason employees are happy to go to work is that there are some benefits to their jobs. Whether it’s achievement or reward based, preparing EOFY staff gifts is one of these benefits many employees look forward to. Giving employees gifts shows your company appreciates all their dedication and hard work. Your employees will develop a stronger sense of loyalty to your company if there are benefits to their work. Fantastic staff gifts that build loyalty are Moët Moments Wine & Chocolate Bouquet and the Southern Stars & Starward Hamper

Improve your employee relationships

Arranging gifts for staff is a great way to build relationships with your employees. There are a lot of situations where employees are not in a position where they can interact with the higher ups, and by giving your staff gifts, you’re showing you know and care about your employees. At Tastebuds, all our EOFY gifts come with a free personalised greeting card. By writing an individual message to all your employees and including it with their gifts, you can build and strengthen your employee relationships. 

Improve your employee relationships

Giving gifts shows your dedication to your employees

We have spoken about how giving gifts can improve employee relationships, but let’s go into more detail about how it shows your dedication as an employer. When you give gifts to your staff, you’re able to interact with them on a more personal level. Gift giving is an art form, and by choosing a staff gift for your employees, you’re showing you’re dedicated to them and are acknowledging their accomplishments. This, in turn, will positively impact relationships, morale, and workplace loyalty. Our Greener Pastures Chocolate Bouquet and Sports Crown Gift Hamper are tasteful employee gifts to show your dedication. 

Increase positivity around the workplace

Gifting giving has the innate ability to bring a small to everyone's face. Presenting your staff with gifts creates a rush of happiness that can boost positivity around the workplace. We all get excited when we receive gifts, and receiving corporate gifts is no different. Your recipients will feel delighted to receive a gift, and you will be happy to give it to them. After receiving their gifts, your employees will feel more motivated and happy to be there. At Tastebuds, our Cocktail Delight Hamper and Ferrero Classic Chocolate Bouquet are stunning gifts that will increase happiness and positivity. 

Raises staff morale

There are times when staff morale can be exceptionally low, which can negatively affect productivity and their workplace environment. Giving gifts to your staff can raise morale and workplace satisfaction. We discussed previously how giving staff gifts can improve workplace positivity, but it’s this boost in happiness that will make your employees feel appreciated and more inclined to continue working. This EOFY, you can celebrate your employees and boost their morale by giving gifts to your staff. 

Increases your company’s reputation 

Ideally, the end goal for staff gifting is to reward your employees. However, there is also the bonus of increasing your company’s reputation. Potentially staff members will be more inclined to work for your company if there is a positive atmosphere. Giving out staff gifts will only boost your company compared to your competitors. You will demonstrate a happier work environment, giving your employees something to boast about. 

Why choose Tastebuds for your EOFY gifts?

At Tastebuds, we specialise in the art of gifting. All our chocolate bouquets and gift hampers come in a range of styles. Whether you’re looking for something more subtle, or a bit of a WOW factor, we have stunning staff gifts to explore. Choose from our collection of EOFY gifts to find the perfect corporate gift ideas to surprise your employees with. At Tastebuds, we create more than just gifts. We create unforgettable experiences. Have a look at our selection and give your employees gifts that they will never forget.