We at Tastebuds.com.au are absolutely delighted to announce our thrilling partnership with Victoria's beloved radio station, 89.9 light FM. A dazzling duet of passion for taste and sound, we are looking forward to a harmonious twelve months of shared ventures. Our unique collaboration promises an exciting mixture of on-air slots, consumer giveaways, and corporate gifts. This means more engagement, more prizes, and more opportunities for our valued customers.

Starting from this month, Tastebuds will be featuring on 89.9 light FM with a blend of 15 and 30-second slots during the peak times of the day and week. What better way to brighten up your morning commute, or spice up your evening wind-down, than with an invitation to explore the tantalising world of Tastebuds? We'll offer you the inside scoop on the latest gourmet gifts, wine & chocolate combos, and much more. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to curate the finest selection of treats and the freshest flavours, to bring joy to your taste buds.

But our partnership with 89.9 light FM isn’t just about broadcasting. It's about giving back to our wonderful listeners and customers. We are planning an enticing series of consumer giveaways to thank you for your continued support. There will be plenty of opportunities to win delectable prizes, and who knows? You might just discover your new favourite treat.

Moreover, we are expanding our horizons to include corporate gifts. We believe that a company's strength lies in its team, and nothing shows appreciation like a carefully curated gourmet gift from Tastebuds. Our dedicated corporate gift service is perfect for those looking to make their employees, colleagues, or clients feel special.

This exciting partnership brings together the enjoyment of food and music - two universal languages that bring people together. Through our joint efforts with 89.9light FM, we hope to add a little more flavour and rhythm to your lives.

So, keep your ears tuned to 89.9 light FM and your taste buds primed for an exciting journey of flavours with Tastebuds. We can't wait to share this new chapter of our journey with you. After all, good things, like good flavours, are always better when shared.

Stay tuned, stay hungry, and let the Tastebuds x 89.9 light FM journey begin!