Birthday parties are a fantastic time to go all out as you celebrate the birthday person. However, it can be hard to know what theme you should go with. There are lots of ideas that could work, but which one is best for you. We’re going to go through all our popular birthday party themes and help you make a decision. 

But where should you start? 

The two major birthday party options are for kids and adults. Of course, you can easily adapt any of these themes to any age and have a blast, but you want to make sure you choose the birthday person's favourite thing. Have a look at some of our top birthday party themes for kids and adults to see if any of them match what you’re looking for. 

Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

When it comes to a kids birthday party, you can have a lot of leeway with the theme. You can incorporate it into games and activities, decorations and food. Whether you choose to host it at your home or hire a venue, you can take it in many directions. Have a look at all our suggestions below, and don’t forget to get your kids involved! 

Out of Space

Any aspiring astronaut will be happy with this theme, and there’s a lot of potential with it. From creating planets using balloons to hanging stars from the ceiling, there are plenty of decorating ideas you can incorporate. But how can you make it interesting for kids? Ask your guests to dress in galaxy colours, (blue, pink, black, purple and red) and centre all your activities around space themes. You could even have a moonwalking competition. Shoot for the stars and come up with activities you know kids will enjoy. 


Rainbows are always a crowd pleasing birthday party theme. From making your kid’s birthday party bright and colourful by incorporating it in all the decorations, celebrate their birthday with an explosion of colour. But how can you get kids engaged at a rainbow party? To start off, you can organise a competition. Have all guests attend wearing their favourite colour and hand out awards ( i.e. best dressed, the best representation of blue, most colourful, most creative). Then as the party is in full swing, you can have a rainbow dance party or have everyone arrange themselves into a rainbow. As long as you have a lot of fun activities any kid will be happy to attend. 


This birthday party theme is best suited for younger kids that love anything to do with dinosaurs. From having giant dinosaur pictures on the walls to organising a dinosaur birthday cake, you can take this theme in many directions. And to keep kids entertained, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t include a dinosaur roaring contest. Just make sure there are lots of dinosaur toys everywhere, and we know the kids will have fun. 




As a more open birthday party theme, Halloween can go in any direction. Ideally, you would want to encourage all attendees to dress up in their favourite costumes. They can be a little scary or kind, with a Halloween theme kids can dress in anything they have available. And there’s no harm in awarding a best dressed prize along as you have a little handout for everyone to enjoy. You can hand decorations and create Halloween inspired foods. See what you can come up with as you host a spooktacular kids birthday party. 



Shiver me timbers, it’s time for a swashbuckling experience. Whether or not you choose to have all your guests dress up, one of the things you can organise is an eye patch for everyone to wear. Get everyone into the spirit by handing out pirate items the moment they walk through the door. You can also encourage them to speak with a pirate accent. And if there are any party poopers, you can always have them walk the plank. 


Kids can have a lot of fun making their own pizzas and enjoying birthday games to go with them. As their creations cook, you can play a few rounds of musical chairs, tag, musical statues and more. It’s an old school birthday party theme we know most kids will enjoy. And as you plan your pizza party, don’t forget to ask your kid about games they might like to play. 

Royal Court 

Kings, Queens, Princesses, and Princes, have all been summoned to your child's birthday party. You can start the party off right by having all attendees make crowns and play dress up. From hiring a jumping castle to creating dainty foods, you can have a lot of fun with this theme. Come up with party games that get everyone involved, and create an inclusive experience. Put on your regal attire and prepare for a royal assembly. 

Fabulous Birthday Party Themes For Adults

When it comes to hosting an adult birthday party, you don’t have to put as much effort into games and activities (of course this will also depend on what party you're hosting). You can focus more time on decorations and delicious foods. Look at some of our popular birthday party themes for adults to see if any of them stand out to you. 

Black and White

As one of the easier themes to decorate, a black and white birthday party is something everyone will enjoy. You can encourage your guests to go all out with masks, feathers, patterns and more. One of the only things you would need to organise is cocktail foods and beverages. Your decorations can be stripped, dotted, printed and everything in between. See what ideas you can come up with and give your attendees a party they will remember.  

Roaring 20s

Kick your birthday party off right by making it a roaring 20s themed. With frilly dresses, feather boas, tidy suits and add all the accessories. Live out your Gatsby dreams by showcasing a champagne tower. Introduce your guest to a little class and fun. Have a look at what décor ideas you can come up with and give guests a birthday party they will remember. 


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s to portray your favourite superhero. Whether you’re dressing up as your favourite green strongman, or a heroic brooding billionaire, there are plenty of choices you can go with. And to make your party even better, you can create your own mixed drinks! See what ideas you can come up with and make your birthday party unforgettable. 



Half the fun of a birthday party is getting ready. A masquerade birthday party implies that there’s a level of mystery. Guests can don their masks and find their identities for an evening. You can choose a colour theme to go along with your masquerade or keep it simple. With access to unlimited drinks and a collection of cocktail nibbles, you and your attendees will enjoy every moment. See if you can come up with any ideas that will take your birthday party to the next level. 

Old School

Take it back to the good old days where you can dress up in your favourite era, throw together a costume and create memories. Pull out your old gaming systems, chuck on some music, and have fun with some old school entertainment. And to make your party even better, you can order pizza, have a few drinks and tell embarrassing stories. An old school birthday party theme is all about taking it slow and enjoying yourself. 

Hollywood Glam

While you may not be able to afford a real red carpet event, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Pull out all the stops, take photos, unroll some red fabric and let the fun begin. You and your friends can live out your Hollywood dreams as you laugh, have drinks and enjoy tasty food. This birthday party theme can be easily adapted to a venue or your own home. Just dim the lights, add some music, and hand out drinks, and it will feel like the real deal. 


Everyone enjoys a good cocktail party, but how can you make it good? For starters, you can encourage all your guests can dress up in their finest outfits. Pull out the tuxes, dresses, polished shoes, make up, and the night can start when you’re dressed and ready to go. You can hire out a venue and have your drinks made for you, or decorate your home for guests. See what options work best for you and enjoy yourself. 

What should you take as a gift? 

If you’re attending a spectacular birthday party, you’ll need the perfect gifts to match. Look at our birthday present collections and wish your loved ones a happy birthday. 

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