Cupid is here to celebrate with you this Valentine’s Day! At Tastebuds, we know how important it is to spoil those you love and hold dear. With all the chocolate goodies you will ever need, we have the perfect gifts you’re looking for. Valentine’s Day is all about hearts and we have the perfect chocolate Valentine’s hearts for everyone. We even have vegan chocolate bouquets. You will find the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts from our range of stunning chocolate bouquets


As allergies are increasing, finding beautiful gift arrangements is becoming more challenging. Gifting chocolate bouquets are on the rise. A floral bouquet is no longer the go-to gift. At Tastebuds, we know chocolate is everyone’s best friend and we have made the perfect chocolate flower bouquets. We have decided to simplify the process. Our chocolate bouquets are the perfect way to showcase your love and affection. After all, Valentine’s Day is all about sharing your sweet side and we have the ideal chocolate bouquets to do that. 



Chocolate bouquets

Chocolate bouquets are a stunning show of love and affection! At Tastebuds, we have the perfect, eye-catching bouquet you will need to make their Valentine’s Day special. With every bite, your loved one will feel luxurious and adored. Why stop at just sending flowers? Do things a little different this year and add a drop of sweetness. There’s nothing more romantic than sending a chocolate bouquet to those you cherish. We have three different types of chocolate bouquets available at Tastebuds. 

Handheld: Our handheld bouquets are designed to mimic a real bouquet of flowers. Wrapped in gorgeous paper, each individual chocolate is expertly arranged to make a gorgeous display. Our handheld bouquets can stand up by themselves, there’s no need to use a vase! Gift a glamorous bouquet they can indulge in.

With a keepsake tin: Arranged beautifully inside a keepsake tin, these bouquets can stand on their own, making perfect table arrangements. Once you’re down with the chocolate, you can keep its lovely tin. Your recipient can reuse it and remember their special gift. All you need to do is write a heartfelt message!

Chocolate bouquets with alcohol: Add something a little extra to your fantastic bouquet. Some of our chocolate bouquets come with alcohol, so you can partner your special gift with a bottle of their favourite beverage. Find the perfect gift you’re looking for in our chocolate bouquets with alcohol.  

All our chocolate bouquets have the option of including a personalised item. Whether it’s a ribbon, candle, bottle of wine, a box of chocolate or a bottle of beer, you can make their gift extra special. Design an item they will love and cherish. You can add your own little flair to our perfect bouquets!


Pink Sparkling Indulgence

A hamper filled with chocolate, alcohol and all things pink! Treat your loved ones with a chocolate bouquet they will love and adore! With a bottle of Azahara Brut Sparkling and a stunning handheld chocolate bouquet, your recipient will adore their gift. Let them know how much you love and appreciate them with a chocolate bouquet and a bottle of chardonnay. 

Grand Chocolate Bouquet

This grand display is the perfect way to express your love! With 60 Chocolatier Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts there heart will be yours. Mincing a lovely handheld bouquet, you can send a floral arrangement they will fall in love with. Make this Valentine’s Day extra romantic! We know they will love our Grand Chocolate Bouquet!

Queen Of Hearts Chocolate Bouquet

Hello Queens! It’s time to wear your heart on your sleeve! Make a statement with this glorious display of love and affection. With  Chocolatier Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts, Lindt White Chocolate Balls and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls, it is the perfect indulgent treat. Your recipient will think of you as they indulge in their lovely gift. Even Alice wouldn’t shy away from this queen of hearts!

Petite Pink Gin Chocolate Bouquet

Gin? Yes. Chocolate? Yes. Our delightful Petite Pink Gin Chocolate Bouquet has all the necessities you will need for Valentine’s Day. Gift a beautiful pink bouquet and win their heart. All you need to do is write a lovely message for our free personalised gift card. Make this Valentine’s day one to remember. Leave an impression your recipient won’t forget. 

The Lavish Offering Chocolate Bouquet

Gift luxury with a chocolate bouquet made of gold. They can enjoy their fill of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls and Chocolatier Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts as they sip on a glass of Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial. This is the ultimate Valentine’s Day chocolate gift for the special people in your life! Treat them to a gift filled with rich and decadent chocolates!

Tastebuds Valentines Day Chocolate bouquets


If you can’t find the perfect chocolate bouquet, you can even design your perfect chocolate bouquet in our Create Your Own section. Choose your keepsake tin, paper and chocolate and make a gift they will remember! You can even include alcohol and a personalised item! Pick all their favourite chocolates and gift them a bouquet they will remember. Designing your own chocolate bouquet adds a touch of personalisation your recipient will adore.

At Tastebuds, we have the perfect Valentine’s Day chocolate bouquet for you to send! With free shipping Australia-wide, you can send a chocolate bouquet to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide. You can even send a chocolate bouquet to Perth. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can send a bouquet of chocolates anywhere in Australia. 

We are the experts at online gifting! We research all our products and put together the highest quality gifts for you to enjoy.  Traditions are changing and adapting to the changes at Tastebuds. Browse what we have available and find the perfect gift you’re looking for. There is no limit to the joy and happiness your recipient will feel when they receive a chocolate bouquet from Tastebuds!