We have just received an email, and Cupid wants everyone to feel loved this Valentine’s day! It’s time for your amazing man to feel pampered and loved! Surprise him with a gift this Valentine’s Day. At Tastebuds, we have the perfect Valentine’s gifts for him. Browse our Valentine’s Day gifts and find a chocolate bouquet or gift hamper to make his day extra special! Romance isn’t just for the ladies, so show your love and affection towards your favourite man. 

Valentine’s Day in 2022 falls on a Monday. You’ll be able to celebrate all weekend or just spend the evening together. Whether it is for a friend, family member, colleague or significant other, you can spread the love with a Valentine’s chocolate bouquet or gift hamper. Love is all about creating experiences your loved ones will cherish. All our gifts are made with love and care, and sometimes even Cupid helps out! We know we have the perfect gifts your recipient will love. 

Change things up a little this year. Take the lead and put together something romantic for all the men you love and adore. There’s no limit when it comes to love. Shops are filled with all things red and pink! Cards, chocolates, hearts and romance is everywhere. You won’t need to create a fabulous display of affection with a gift from Tastebuds. Our gifts do all the talking for you. Let those remarkable men know how much they mean to you and send a gift they will love. 


Why Do We Need  Valentine’s Day Gifts

Sharing feelings of love and affection is the best way to let your special person know you’re thinking of him. When you send a gift to someone, you share your love, affection and fondness. You share a piece of yourself and gift it to him. So finding the perfect gift to express your feelings is crucial. At Tastebuds, we know how hard it can be to express your feelings. We have a wide range of gifts perfect for Valentine’s Day. Browse what’s available, look at what’s included and find your ideal present. 

Sending a gift to those you love is a fantastic way to bring you closer. You can express your feelings, strengthen friendships and build relationships. Finding a Valentine’s Day gift may not seem important, but we can guarantee your recipient will be grateful. We know we have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him you’re looking for. 

We all know shopping for the remarkable men in our lives can be challenging, but don’t worry, we have the perfect at Tastebuds. You can shop our full range of Valentine’s Day chocolate bouquets and gift hampers. We know you will find the ideal gift you’re looking for. All you need to do is write a meaningful message detailing your love and affection. Let him know how you feel! Tell him you love him! It’s Valentine’s Day. Share your feelings. Cupid will be proud. 

Did you know: the act of sending a gift to your loved ones for Valentine’s Day originated in the 14th century. 


We know finding the perfect gift can be time-consuming. Don’t rush into it! Take your time when finding the perfect gift. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift, we have some valuable tips for you to follow:

1. Have a conversation with your remarkable man. Talk about his opinions about Valentine’s Day. Not everyone celebrates it, and that’s okay. So sit down and have a chat. It doesn’t need to be anything formal. You don’t have to mention anything about getting him a gift. Just get a feel as to whether or not he will want to do anything this year. And if he’s all for it, start the planning phase. 

2. Think about what he might like. Does he have any allergies? Any food preferences? Stop and take a moment to consider what he might like. Maybe even write some notes. Pause for a moment and think only of him! This is a gift for him, no one else. 

3. Look at what’s available. Valentine’s Day is becoming more popular with every year. Stores are bringing out more and more impressive things, and the gifting experience is becoming more complicated. Everyone is slowly going online, and things are getting a little confusing. At Tastebuds, we have made picking the perfect gift easier. We have all our Valentine’s Day gifts located in our Valentine’s Day gift ideas section. Browse to your heart’s content and find the perfect gift. You won’t need to go to the shops to find a gift for him. 

4. Select a few different gifts. Find different gifts and compare. How are they different? Would your particular person like everything included? Remember to think about him the entire time. This is a special gift for him alone, so keep his preferences in mind. 

5. Write a lovely message. At Tastebuds, we offer a free personalised gift card with each of our gifts. This is your opportunity to write something cheesy, loved up or cliche. Express your feelings, tell a joke or write a short poem. Bring a little life to your gift! Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember!



Show your appreciation this Valentine’s Day with a gift he will appreciate, whether he is a sweets fan or a savoury fanatic. You will find the perfect gift at Tastebuds. We have a wide range for you to choose from! We know you will find the perfect gift you’re looking for that has a little bit of everything. Whether it is for your boyfriend, husband or crush, we have a gift for everyone. We have the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend! If you’re struggling to find cute valentines day gifts for him, here are our favourites:

Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Make his day special this year with a lovely surprise he will remember. It doesn’t matter if you have been together for years or months. It is important to celebrate every milestone. You are together for Valentine’s Day! Gift him something to remember the day!

His Love Gift Set

Say ‘I Love You’ with a teddy bear! Don’t just say those words. Let them know with a gift they can keep. The His Love Gift Set comes with an 'I Love You' Teddy Bear, a bottle of his favourite Crown Larger and 20 Chocolatier Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts. You will own his heart with this gift!

Hats Off To The Captain

He can take to the seas with this one. Bring a little fun this Valentine’s Day and gift him a Hats Off To The Captain bouquet. He can enjoy a bottle of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum while indulging in his 8 Lindt Dark Chocolate Balls and 12 Chocolatier Belgian Milk Chocolate Stars. You can gift him a bouquet he will enjoy!

King Of Spades Chocolate Bouquet

You’re a Queen in his eyes, and he’s a King in yours! You can relax together watching the newest rom-com eating this scrumptious bouquet! He will enjoy the arrangement of Baci Extra Dark Chocolate Balls, Lindt Dulce de Leche Chocolate Balls and Chocolatier Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts. This is the perfect chocolate bouquet to eat alone or to share!

Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Gifts for Your Crush

Step out of your comfort zone! It’s time to let him know how you truly feel! Having a crush can be thrilling. It’s a secret only you know about. But guess what? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let him know your feelings. Be a little out there and send a Valentine’s Day gift to your crush. If you’re unsure which gift is perfect for you, have a look at some of our favourites:

The Goose Is Grey Hamper

Sending him a bottle of what’s considered the ‘world’s best tasting vodka’ will bring hearts to his eyes! Add a little colour to your newly budding relationship. With a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka and a mixture of sweet and savoury snacks, this will be a gift he will never forget. All you need to do is write a lovely message for your free personalised gift card!

Black Beauty Whisky & Chocolate Bouquet

Impress your crush with the Black Beauty Whisky & Chocolate Bouquet! Expertly crafted, our chocolate bouquet will draw his attention. If he is a whisky lover, he will greatly appreciate his bottle of Johnnie Walker 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky. With only the best chocolate accompanying it, he will be able to enjoy a stunning gift while thinking of you!

Chocolate Hugs Bouquet

Make your feeling known! The Chocolate Hugs Bouquet comes with an ‘I love You’ teddy bear! He can enjoy 15 Chocolatier Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts and think of you while he indulges. All you need to do is include a message. Take initiative! Tell him how you feel and start your relationship! 

Best Gifts For Your Husband

He has been a support for you in your difficult times. Lifted you up when you fell down. For better and worse, he has always been there for you. Now it’s time to show your appreciation with a beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts for your husband. If you can’t find the perfect gift, here are our favourites for that remarkable man in your life:

Glenfiddich Decanter Hamper

Is your husband a whisky lover? If he is, this is the gift hamper of his dreams! You can send your husband a hamper with an exquisite Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky bottle. He will be able to sit down and relax after receiving our Glenfiddich Decanter Hamper. He will view you as the best wife in the world! 

The Silver Fox Bacardi Bouquet

Your remarkable man will love this chocolate bouquet! He can enjoy his Lindt Milk Chocolate Balls and Chocolatier Belgium Milk Chocolate Stars with a Bacardi Carta Blanca White Rum bottle. It is the perfect gift to surprise him with this Valentine’s Day. Let your husband know how much he means to you in our free personalised gift card! This is the perfect time to tell him how much he means to you. 

Dark Chocolate Dream Gift

Sweet dreams are filled with dark chocolate. The Dark Chocolate Dream Gift comes with Lindt Dark Chocolate Balls and Baci Dark Chocolate Balls. He can indulge in his favourite treat, or you can join him. Valentine’s Day is all about sharing moments! 


We all know the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Their perfect gift has their favourite beverage and all the accompanying sweet or savoury treats to match. At Tastebuds, our top sell gifts have alcohol included. You will be able to find the perfect gift for your remarkable man from our range of chocolate bouquets and gift hampers. We know we have the perfect gift you’re looking for!


At Tastebuds, we are all about gifts! We have the perfect chocolate bouquets and gift hampers for you to choose from. You won’t need to find another Valentine’s Day gift from any other online store. We have exactly what you need! 

If you can’t find the perfect gift for him, have a look at our Create Your Own section. Put all of their favourite things into one gift! We have plenty of options for you to choose from. Take your time, look at what’s available and put together a Valentine’s Day gift for him he will love!

Nothing is too much when buying Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved ones. With a FREE shipping service Australia-wide, you can send a gift to their doorstep. We know we have the perfect gift for you. Shop our range of Valentine's Day gifts at Tastebuds!