Every day is a special day in life, but few are more important than your anniversary. It’s one you want to get right in terms of gifts. Depending on the type of person and the type of relationship you have, the perfect gift might range from a diamond jewellery to a chocolate bouquet or a customised gift hamper. Below are some different ideas to choose from.

Their Favourite Chocolate

When your first anniversary is approaching, you can plan to order the best quality chocolate bouquets from Tastebuds. If you know your partner loves chocolates, you can select from a wide range of chocolate, including organic and vegan options, in the gift hamper you send. Tastebuds will ensure the chocolate bouquet is delivered to your partner’s location at the right time, beautifully presented.

Custom Gift Hamper 

Customise a gift hamper based on what your partner likes. This could be one that includes chardonnay or a special liquor, some liquorice or a fun selection of nuts, crackers, chocolates and wine. By customising your gift hamper, you can ensure it’s the perfect gift for your partner on your special day.

Candle Décor and Romantic Balloons 

Make your wedding anniversary special with romantic bedroom décor. Decorate your bedroom with some heart-shaped balloons, sprinkle red rose petals, and light up some tealight candles. Change the atmosphere in your bedroom, and as soon as your partner enters the room, you'll have created a truly special and memorable moment.

Green Echeveria Plant 

A plant is a symbol of life. On your anniversary, you can bring more life to your marriage by gifting your partner a green Echeveria plant. In the world of succulents, this plant acts as a symbol of endless love.

If your spouse loves plants, gifting them a low-maintenance succulent is a great idea. Succulents usually store some water in their thick leaves, which helps them survive drought. They can be the best ‘natural’ gift to give your spouse on your first anniversary. 

Anniversary Gift Hampers from Tastebuds

If you want to give your partner something on a special day, there are a lot of gift ideas you can choose from when you visit our online store at Tastebuds. We have chocolates, teddy bears, beers, cookies, wines, and many more to choose from. Explore our range of anniversary gift hampers today, delivered right across Australia.