When someone says anniversary, most people think of couples, celebrating happy marriages or lasting romantic relationships. But here at Tastebuds, we spend a lot of time thinking about other anniversaries as well, the ones less talked about, which are just as special.

We started to think about friendship anniversaries; how they’re woefully underrated, difficult to find gifts for, and how we would like to fix that. Here at Tastebuds, we’ve decided to put our best minds together to create a friendship anniversary gift guide so you can show that friend, the one who’s been with you through it all, just how much they mean to you.

For Her: A Sunday Pamper Hamper

Sometimes, all it takes to show someone appreciation is to surprise them with a well-considered self-care package. When it’s been a tough week, and Sunday is all they have, here’s how you can celebrate a friendship anniversary with a gift that says, “I know you so well”. 

The Tastebuds Sunday Pamper Hamper is perfect for turning a busy friend’s weekend into a personal spa getaway. This hamper includes a curated blend Blessed by Nature chemical-free skin products which purify, revive and hydrate. A unique blend of natural oils and antioxidants rejuvenate the skin and improve its natural tone and glow.

For Him: The Craft Beer Sports Pack

We’ve heard this one before, “men are difficult to buy gifts for”, here at Tastebuds, we beg to differ. It’s time to move past the sock packs and coffee mugs. For he who is not “big on gifts and things”, for he of discerning palette, we present the Craft Beer Sports Pack.

Ideal for any occasion, but probably best enjoyed with sports, this hamper features a fine collection of James Squire Tropical Ale, Lazy Yak Session Ale, and a Mountain Goat Pale Ale. Because craft beer enthusiasts like pairing their brews with food, we’ve included a selection of nuts, popcorn and chocolates for every occasion. Ideal for sharing with friends or for a quiet-ish night in, Tastebuds’ Craft Beer Sports Pack is a Covid-safe take on the age-old tradition of dropping by with a couple of beers.

This hamper comes in a gift box, tied with a ribbon and finished with your personalised gift card.

For Everyone: A Very Aussie Hamper

Tastebuds makes gifting for a friend easy enough, but sometimes you want to show your appreciation for the whole gang. Made to celebrate the evergreen Aussie friendship, this all Australian gourmet gift hamper is all about sharing with friends. Enjoy native Australian macadamia nuts, fine wines from The Riverina region and the all-imporant BBQ marinade, the Very Aussie Hamper will speak for itself at your next meet-up.

Chocolate Bouquets and Gift Hampers For Every Occasion

Tastebuds has a gift for every person for any occasion you can think of. Check out our website full of gift ideas, or get in touch with us for that extra personalised experience!