Are you celebrating the holidays online with your long-distance lover this year? Do you want to celebrate Christmas with your friends for the Holidays, but you’re all in different cities? Luckily, Tastebuds is here to help! These past couple of years in Australia have shown the resilience of relationships and, if nothing else, brought out the fun that can still be had over Zoom or FaceTime. Kick off the Zoom Christmas party or digital date night with a beautiful red wine hamper, ordered online and quickly delivered, that can be shared as if you were celebrating together. Whether it’s a party with your gals over computer screens or a long-awaited date night with your sweetheart, these holiday hampers make the best Christmas surprise and really level up the romance. 

Get on Zoom with a Long-Distance Lover

If you’re looking for the best Christmas gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, or just some holiday hampers that include your bestie’s favourite Pinot, Tastebuds, the online Christmas elves, are here to help. Make your date night one to remember despite the distance and order Christmas gifts online that you can share over the ether. Featuring the delicious Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet, our Penfolds Delight gift hamper is one of our favourite holiday hampers to order for a loved one. Open up Zoom and watch her face light up when there’s a ring at the door. Alternatively, the Ruby Red & Strawberries Hamper is one of the best Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, husband, fiance or BFF! Featuring delicious organic strawberries and salty snacks, what could make date night better (except maybe… you)?

Have a Holiday Zoom Party with Friends

Say a big ‘Merry Christmas’ to the friendship group this year and send them a cheeky Christmas Australian Combo Hamper featuring a red and a white wine, amongst a luxury medley of sweet n’ salty snacks. This deliciously delectable holiday hamper is one of our absolute favourites and it couldn’t be more perfect to celebrate the Holidays with your mates across the country. With free delivery Australia wide, celebrating date night with the gals has never been more fun!

Celebrate with Red Wine Hampers

Celebrate Christmastime with holiday hampers and ample pourings of red wine, because you and your long-distance lover deserve it! Order Christmas gifts online this year, because nobody will return a holiday hamper with their favourite red wine and delicious snacks, so really, you can’t go wrong! Here at Tastebuds we have something for everyone, so for those sweethearts out there who are Gluten-Free, try the Snack ‘n’ Shiraz Gluten Free Style gift hamper. 

Order Christmas Gifts Online

Order him something nice, treat her to some favourite sweets and bring the gang back together for a Zoom movie night, games night or a cheeky game of ‘Truth or Dare.’ With Tastebuds, gifting has never been easier!