When you have a friend celebrating a birthday or another special day, many of us want to make this day extra memorable with a perfect gift that suits them, whether that's a chocolate bouquet or a hamper of their favourite foods. Gift hampers are great options for presents, especially when you’re short on ideas.

If your loved one is a snackish person, we have the perfect selection of gift hampers at Tastebuds for them to enjoy on their special day. This includes hampers that perfectly pair snack favourites with other snacks and beverages. Below we look at some of the options.

Gifts with Alcohol 

A pop of champagne or a nice bottle of wine is never a bad idea for a friend celebrating a birthday or wedding anniversary. We can also include their favourite snacks like chocolates, cookies, biscuits, and soft drinks in the package, just to make their day amazing. All of which are perfectly paired with the alcoholic beverage.

Some gift hampers you can shop for your friend from Tastebuds include the simply wonderful Pink Bubbles Chocolate Bouquet, which unsurprisingly comes with bubbles and chocolate, or our ever-popular Chianti Kindness Hamper, which comes with a variety of sweet and savoury snacks. Tastebuds makes it simple by pairing alcohol and snacks in the best way possible.

Is it Bucket or Bouquet? At Tastebuds, It’s Both!

Gift your snackish friend a personalised bouquet or bucket on their special day. Simplify gifting by ordering a customised chocolate bouquet/ bucket and having it delivered to your friend the same day. You can choose from a range of colours and sizes when you explore our online shop, or you can select a customised gift hamper – the choices are endless!

Choose the Ferrero Deluxe Bucket, the Moet Bouquet, or one of our other splendid and thoughtful options.

We stock high-quality beverages, wine, and chocolate that you can include in your order, and have it shipped Australia-wide to your loved ones in a beautifully presented package they are sure to appreciate and treasure.

Vegan Gift

If your friends are on a special vegan diet, gifting them snacks may be quite a challenge. You want to ensure what you send them is allowed as part of their diet. Finding a vegan food hamper that tastes as sweet as they look is not that easy. However, Tastebuds has your back when you’re looking for a vegan gift hamper to send a loved one on a special occasion.

Surprise your vegan friend or spouse with a personalised vegan gift hamper this year. Tastebuds caters to all your vegan needs. We give you the chance to personalise a vegan gift and have it delivered to your friends on time.

Custom Gift Hampers from Tastebuds

When you’re looking to send a gift hamper to your friends and family, you should look no further. Tastebuds has you covered for all alcoholic and non-alcoholic gift hampers. Have your gift hamper customised for your friend with Tastebuds.

Explore our range of gift hampers today, delivered right across Australia with same-day delivery options also available.