Easter Gifts Guide 2022 Cover

It’s time to go hunting!

Easter is a delicious holiday filled with chocolate, treats and lots of yummy eats!

Little bunnies are hopping around and leaving little surprises. 

It only happens once a year, but it’s always super sweet and delicious!

ideas for Easter gifts

Why do we need Easter gifts?

Easter gifts are bright, colourful and delicious. They represent rebirth and renewal of nature, life and you. There are many different gifts associated with Easter, and they all have a message and meaning. For example, chocolate eggs symbolise the beginning of life. All creatures start off as an egg and develop and grow. Gifting chocolate eggs is a lovely way to let your loved ones know they can start again… and enjoy a lot of chocolate as well!

While Easter gifts might not seem important, they can bring people together. This is the perfect time of the year when you can reach out to your friends, family, neighbours, and work colleagues. Let them know you’re thinking of them with a stunning Easter gift that will put a smile on their face. 

What are some ideas for Easter gifts?

Coming up with ideas for Easter gifts can be a little challenging. You can choose to give something traditional with lots of meaning, or go for something a little more fun! Whichever you decide to go with will depend on who you’re shopping for. To make your search a bit easier, we have put together some tastebuddy options for kids, teenagers, and adults. 

Easter gifts for kids

We all remember being super excited to hunt down eggs and see what the Easter Bunny left us. We’d run around collecting eggs and count how many we gathered! It was always a competition to see who could get the most! Any gift with fun treats and lots of yummy chocolates is perfect for little kids. Here are some Easter gifts made for kids. 

Lindt Easter Gold Bunny Bouquet

It’s a chocolate bouquet filled with all your favourite Easter yummies! This is the perfect kid's Easter gift to send to any little ones you know. Our Lindt Easter Gold Bunny Bouquet mimics a garden filled with Lindt chocolate Easter critters. With two bunnies and a selection of chocolate friends, this gift will put a smile on any child's face!

The Bunny Family Easter Hamper

The Bunny Family Easter Hamper

A delicious chocolate treat the entire finale can enjoy! Everyone can have their own chocolate bunny and fight over the remaining eggs. The included Easter Activity Pack will keep the kids entertained while mum and dad sneak a few extra chocolates. A chocolate Easter gift has never tasted so good!

The Egg Hunt

Mum and Dad will definitely appreciate this one! The Egg Hunt gift comes with 50 solid mini Easter eggs. This gift will give the kids more chocolate to find. Your recipient can scatter them across the yard. Help build their collection of eggs and let the hunt begin!

Easter gifts for teens

Buying gifts for teenagers is never easy. It is always a hit or a miss, and there is never an in between. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t get them something they will appreciate. We can all agree that Easter chocolate gifts are the best! It’s an indulgent, creamy treat everyone would be more than happy to receive! If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for Easter gifts, here are some of our top picks for teens. 

Cadbury Favourites Chocolate Gift

Gift them a range of their favourite chocolates! You can’t go wrong with a chocolate bouquet made of Cadbury Favourites. The assortment of 16 chocolates is bright, colourful and everything you’re looking for. Even if they don’t believe in the Easter Bunny anymore, they will still think this gift is magical!

Bunny Surprise Easter Hamper

Bunny Surprise Easter Hamper Product

The best Easter gift is filled with chocolate! Different types of indulgent chocolate are all they need to make this Easter different. The combination of Cadbury chocolate and Red Tulip chocolate is the perfect mix of tastebuddy delights. They might not feel the Easter spirit, but they can still enjoy a selection of chocolate!

Hoppily Ever After Bouquet In Pink

This is a gorgeous Easter egg display! Capture their attention and gift them a stunning Easter gift! Our Hoppily Ever After Bouquet In Pink includes eight large Cadbury chocolate eggs and twenty-two small ones. This colourful display will definitely bring a smile to their face and get them in the Easter spirit. 

Easter gifts for adults

It’s not a holiday unless there’s some alcohol involved! Adults can experience different kinds of fun over Easter. They can pour themselves a glass of wine and enjoy a long weekend with family and friends. You’re never too old to celebrate! Whether your recipient has kids or not, we know they will adore any of the delicious Easter gifts. Have a look at some of our Easter gifts for adults and see what’s included. 

Azahara Sparkling Easter Decadence Hamper

Wine AND chocolate? How could they say no? Our Azahara Sparkling Easter Decadence Hamper fabulously mixes the fruity notes of our wine and the indulgent chocolate. This marvellous hamper comes with a bottle of Azahara Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir and a collection of flavourful chocolate eggs. Send your loved ones a gift they will enjoy!

Azahara Shiraz Easter Decadence Hamper

Azahara Shiraz Easter Decadence Hamper Product

Add a touch of red to make their day special! The best indulgent combination is chocolate and red wine. Our Azahara Shiraz Easter Decadence Hamper is the perfect adult Easter gift you’re looking for. The bottle of Azahara Shiraz is perfectly paired with a collection of flavourful chocolate eggs. They will adore this amazing Easter feast!

Easter Eggstravaganza

Having one egg isn’t enough anymore! The ten Cadbury Easter eggs and forty small eggs will keep their supply going for a while. After all, the best gift to receive over Easter is chocolate! Our Easter Eggstravaganza gift has all the Easter eggs needed to get them into the Easter spirit.

Easter chocolate gifts

The best kind of Easter gift is one filled with chocolate. Easter is the only time when you can pig out on as much chocolate as you like with limited judgement! If you know a chocolate fanatic, they will love any of these gifts. Send an Easter chocolate gift to your loved ones afar. Let them know you’re thinking of them over this holiday season. If you’re after suggestions, here are some of our favourite chocolate gifts. 

Easter Speckles Hamper

Lots of chocolate with a hint of savoury. Yum! Our Easter Speckles Hamper comes with all our favourites. With a Chocolatier Pure Milk Chocolate Half Egg with Milk Speckles, Beanfields Chips, chocolate coated strawberries and more. They won’t need to go shopping for Easter treats after opening this gift. It’s a delicious combination of all things scrumptious!

Fleur De Mauve Chocolate Bouquet

Fleur De Mauve Chocolate Bouquet Product

It’s a stunning chocolate bouquet made to capture attention! Not only does the Fleur De Mauve Chocolate Bouquet come with fifteen chocolate hearts, but it’s also arranged to be a gorgeous display! The pink hearts and flowers stand out against the purple tin and decorative paper. There’s no better way to wish someone a ‘HappyEaster’. 

Rainbow In A Bucket Chocolate Bouquet

Why settle for one colour when you can have them all! The twenty-four chocolate hearts will give them a cheerful reminder of how much they mean to you. It might not seem like much, but this is a stunning Easter gift. It’s a tastetastic rainbow display of chocolate! 

Health conscious Easter gifts

Shopping for Easter gifts isn’t always easy, especially when they have dietary needs! But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. At Tastebuds, we have healthier alternatives for our customers to choose from. We have designed a few delicious gifts for those who are gluten free, dairy free, or vegan. No one should miss out on receiving delicious Easter gifts. Have a look at some of our suggestions and find the perfect gifts for those special people. 

The Gluten Free Dotty Bunny Hamper 

Just because you’re gluten free doesn’t mean you have to miss out! The Gluten Free Dotty Bunny Hamper is an exquisite Easter gift for family members, friends and any other person you can think of. It comes with Cadbury Bunnies, Red Tulip Eggs, and a Byran Bay Cookies Gluten Free Dotty pouch. They won’t need anything else this Easter!

The Vegan Easter Hamper

The Vegan Easter Hamper Product

A healthier option can still be delicious! This is the perfect gift for anyone who is vegan or dairy free. The Vegan Easter Hamper comes with cookies, chocolate eggs and peanut butter cups. It’s a fantastic combination of all things delicious. Brighten their Easter with a gift they can enjoy! 

Loving Vegan Chocolate Bouquet

No Easter is complete without chocolate! Our Loving Vegan Chocolate Bouquet is a fantastic option for any vegan you know. This fantastic chocolate display comes with 7 Assorted Loving Earth Chocolate Bars. They’re sweet, delicious and completely vegan! Show your love and support with an Easter gift made with vegan products! 

Personalised Easter Gifts 

While we don’t currently have any Easter products available in our Create Your Own section. That doesn’t mean you can’t still add a little customisation for a touch of personalised charm! At Tastebuds, you have the option of including a customised item with your gift. 

Choose between a chocolate box, bottle of wine, beer, ribbon or candle. Write a message and pick a colour scheme. For the Easter season, we will also be including an Easter themed sticker option. Design your own personalised Easter gifts and add a touch of magic to your gift. 

Let your loved ones know how much you’re thinking of them with a unique gift they will love and cherish. Our personalised items are the perfect addition to your gift! Leave a lasting impression with one of our customisable products. 

Why should you buy Easter gifts from Tastebuds?

At Tastebuds, we have an Australian wide delivery service. It doesn’t matter whether you live close or far away; you can still send one of the best Easter gifts in Australia to your loved ones. The only thing missing from our delightful gifts is a message from you! Every Tastebuds gift comes with a FREE personalised greeting card! Write a message that’s funny, sentimental or straight to the point. Wish your recipient a ‘Happy Easter’ and let them know who sent the gift. 

While we will only be able to deliver to select metro Melbourne areas on Easter day, that doesn’t mean you can’t still send a gift they will love. It doesn’t matter whether your gift arrives the week before or the week after. Your recipient will still appreciate anything you send them. At Tastebuds, you can select your preferred estimated delivery date and send your loved ones an Easter gift they will adore. Make their next Easter special with a delicious Easter gift from Tastebuds.