In the warm, festive spirit of Christmas in Australia, the tradition of gifting Christmas hampers brings joy and togetherness during this special season. The excitement is exchanged as families and friends gather, sharing stories and laughter under the summer sun, while exchanging beautifully wrapped hampers. These aren't just gifts; they’re a staple of the Aussie Christmas tradition, brimming with a variety of delights.


Each hamper is a kaleidoscope of tastes and textures, often filled with the rich flavours of popular Australian delicacies—lush chocolates, fine wines, gourmet snacks, and even familiar treats. They mirror the country's diverse and vibrant culture. For the sweet tooth, there are hampers with delectable cookies and chocolates. For savoury lovers, we offer hampers bursting with artisan cheeses and crackers. And for those who relish fine wines, wine hampers await offering a journey through Australia's finest vineyards.


What makes hampers a perfect Christmas gift? They can cater to every taste, creating moments of discovery and delight. As each item is picked out of a hamper, it's like unveiling a new flavour, a new memory, and a new understanding between the ones gifting each other. The absolute beauty of a Christmas hamper lies in its versatility—whether it's for a close family member, a dear friend, or a kind colleague, there's a hamper to suit every personality and preference.


The earliest Christmas hampers were a symbol of togetherness, a celebration of the joyous connections that grow stronger every festive season. Today, they still remind us that the true beauty of Christmas lies in the happiness we spread and the memories we create together. This tradition, simple yet profound, encapsulates the spirit of Christmas—sharing, caring, and rejoicing in the warmth of togetherness.


Traditional Christmas Hampers in Australia

The story of the Christmas hamper is a simple and wonderful one. Centuries ago, in Western Europe, gift hampers began as simple tokens of friendship and togetherness within families and communities. This was a ubiquitous habit especially around the holidays. As the practice reached the aristocrats, the humble contents of these minimalist yuletide gifts were replaced by their more extravagant counterparts.

Simple breads, fruits, wines, and pies were swapped with exotic wines, sweet fruit mince pies, syrupy rum-fed Christmas puddings and other “rich” seasonal foods that were a rarity for the times.

Today, at Tastebuds, we aim to maintain a balance between the two extremes in our Christmas hampers – pack luxury alongside treats you know and love.


Myrrh Christmas Hamper

Our Myrrh Christmas Hamper  is a great example! The Cabernet Sauvignon is followed by roasted cashews pistachio and cranberry biscuits. The vanilla-flavoured aroma reed diffuser unifies the mood with its delicious scent.


Gold Christmas Hamper

Tastebuds’ Gold Christmas Hamper truly captures the iridescence of Gold with Sparkling Prosecco, a white soy candle, flecked honey, and caramel nougat biscuits. It’s sparkly with spunk.


Christmas Australian Combo Hamper

This Christmas Australian Combo features 100% locally sourced treats to give its lucky recipient a taste of luxury – made right at home!


Gourmet Food & Wine Hampers in Australia

In many ways, the perfect Christmas hamper is a food and wine hamper. We all associate food with comfort and abundance. For this simple reason, a gift of eats and treats is ultimately satisfying no matter how times change. And they’re certainly a choice gift for the holidays.


Aussie Chandon Garden Spritz Hamper

For a foodie, this hamper packs the yummies for days. Our Aussie Chandon Garden Spritz  is a celebration for your palate with a sizeable spread of snacks with citrusy sparkling wine.


Southern Stars & Starward Hamper

Our Southern Stars & Starward  is as dreamy as the name suggests. With whiskey, popcorn, and peanuts, this is the perfect gift basket for camping out under the stars.


Australian Sweets Hamper

This Christmas hamper with Australian Sweets  packs a parade of the most loved Aussie sweets. With the best of local brands you know and love, this hamper is a stunner to pull on a snack lover’s heartstrings.


Chocolates & Sweet Treats Hampers in Australia

No matter if you’re gifting a grownup in their 60s or a family with a bunch of little ones, a hamper full of sweets is the sweetest delight. Smiles paint the room any time one of these is opened even as the onlookers scoff and scorn at the high calories they pack.


At the top of our range made special for gifting those chocoholics in your life is the Tradies Snack Hamper. This gift basket is full of the most popular and most loved chocolate snacks in Australia. It’s a parade of delights in one gift.


Gluten Free Dark Indulgence

This Dark Indulgence  is Gluten-free, featuring a blend of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and chocolate drinks. The delectable mud cookies complement the delicious hot chocolate mix to give you the ultimate chocolate delight this season.


You're A Star Gift Hamper

With this brilliant blue hamper, everyone’s a star! The Chocolatier Milk Chocolate treats and the Lindt Belgian Chocolates are a treat for the whole team. This hamper will make the rounds in no time jumpstarting those jolly conversations across the room.


Health & Wellness Hampers in Australia

We will always love our chocolates and sweets and seasonal treats, but health and wellness should come first.

This season, take a break from presenting your loved ones with high-calorie treats filled with filler ingredients and mountains of sugar.

Take a moment to gift them something to remind them what matters most – their health.

Don’t worry! Healthy treats from Tastebuds skimp on calories and unhealthy carbs, not indulgence and fun!


Organic Morning

The Organic Morning  from Tastebuds is truly a call to a wholesome focus on health and wellness for anyone receiving it. Organic teas, wholefood bars, and mouthwatering organic jam line this hamper to beckon a wonderful start to every day.


Snack n Shiraz - Gluten Free Style

Maybe have some Snack 'n' Shiraz - Gluten Free Style ? This gluten-free gift box is a reminder that eating healthy doesn’t need to be boring at all. Enjoy the fruity red with crisps and cracking popcorn. Maybe walking off the beaten path could be more exciting than you think.


Snacking Keto Hamper

Our Snacking Keto is a full-bodied spread of healthy munching that lasts for days. This hamper is for a joy-filled week of delicious snaps, crunches, munches, bites, and pops!


Why Buy Christmas Hampers from Tastebuds?

At Tastebuds, fueling joy and togetherness with warm, beautiful gifts is an utmost priority. Our gift-crafting professionals put each gift spread together to convey the lovely and sincere greetings of this wonderful season.

So, make sure your family comes together with a sensational and thoughtful hamper from us. After all, they are luxurious, elegant, and remind everyone of home.

And when you make your best pick from our Christmas collection, we’ll deliver it to you safely and securely, Australia-wide.

Don’t wait now. Hurry along to Tastebuds! Holiday delights await!