In this piece, we are going to explore our collection of gift hampers; in particular, the Christmas Hamper. Deeply ingrained in ancient West European tradition, the earliest hampers made an appearance in France and England respectively. Working-class and village folk had multiple uses for wicker baskets: shopping baskets, bread baskets, and baskets for small-scale harvest collection.


The use of hampers as gifts began with the same people who wished to share their harvests or cottage products such as goat cheese or jams with relatives and acquaintances living far away. In those times, it seemed everyone lived quite large distances from each other due to rough roads and little transport.


In times of need, hampers were used to carry essential items for the less fortunate, especially during Christmas. Thus, the habit of gifting Christmas hampers grew. By Victorian times, the Christmas Gift hamper tradition had grown into an exhibition of opulence and a display of special regard for the receiving family. Hamper contents were put together for awe and amazement with items that were incredibly rare and difficult to come during these times. They were packed tight with rare and exotic preserved meat cuts, foreign cheeses, rich luxurious liquors, imported perfumes, and mouthwatering berry jams and Christmas pies.


Today, we see a continuation of this habit with Christmas hampers built to bewilder with lush chocolates and sparkling wines and everything good to be found, presented straight from the heart.


However, the more health-conscious have held that none of those goodies are good for anyone’s heart. While many consider health-nuts to be drab buzzkills they – unfortunately - make a correct assessment here.


Christmas is about giving Love. We must all make it a point to present with honesty and compassion this holiday season by gifting Christmas Hampers that are healthy and keep our loved ones in good physical condition.


Why Choose Healthy Christmas Hampers?


Tradition is tasteful and enticing. In times gone by, Christmases were meant for enjoying the fruits of your labour to the highest. When sugars, honey, and syrups were rare, they were set aside to be used during special occasions; mostly Christmas.


In the 21st century though, there’s no shortage of sugar-ridden foods, and they are consumed all year round. Diabetes, obesity, and depression are all linked to the consumption of high-sugar foods. In such times, gifting more high-calorie sweets and pies is neither caring nor empathetic.


It’s time to make a hamper for good health for every Christmas hereafter. But don’t be mistaken! A healthy Christmas hamper is the farthest from boring. We know this because the Tastebuds team has painstakingly built them from scratch. Gluten-free healthy nut cookies, low-fat rice clouds, and scrumptious organic coconut chips are just a few of the healthy festive foods that fill our Christmas hampers.


Healthy Christmas Hampers are a fun guilt-free gift.


What Makes a Wellness-Focused Christmas Hamper?


A healthy Christmas hamper does not just contain healthy foods and toxin-free drinks. A complete wellness-focused Christmas hamper aims to encourage healthy habits of self-care as well. A healthy hamper may have organic and bio-degradable bath products and body scrubs as well as fitness watches and diet-specific contents. Wellness-focused hampers can be themed to contain only vegan, keto, or gluten-free foods.


If someone you love is having trouble sticking to their new healthy diet, you can gift them a hamper with food suggestions to match their aims and encourage them to carry on with their fitness endeavours. Often, a major hurdle in sticking to nutritious eating is the unawareness of where or how to buy wholesome alternatives to our usual diets. A wellness-focused Christmas hamper gift that shows better food alternatives helps build motivation for anyone in this dilemma. Most importantly, it’s a hamper built just for them.


vegan pinot grigio christmas hamper

To prove how there’s no lack of festive lustre to healthy Christmas hampers, Tastebuds presents the Vegan Pinot Grigio Christmas Hamper. With up-scale white wine, vegan chocolates, low-calories crisps and nutbars, this hamper brings forth all the richness without the gloom of over-indulgence.

Gluten-free Joyful hamper


The Gluten-free Joyful hamper  has everything for someone avoiding grain-based foods for better health or to avoid allergy. Candy-cane Christmas fudge, popcorn, and healthy chocolate freckles will keep a gluten-free foodie occupied for days.

Baking fun with keto hamper

A pretty pink hamper is the way to go for a keto foodie. Present the Baking Fun with Keto Hamper to your friend so she’ll have fun snacking, baking, and staying healthy this Christmas.

Christmas with sauvignon blanc hamper

Christmas with Sauvignon Blanc comes with roasted peanuts and cracker thins to pair with a bit of cheese for cheat day. This hamper spread was handpicked to match a crisp bottle of white wine.

Christmas keto snacks


More Christmas Keto snacks await here. Keto newbies can learn about a variety of delicious and fun food choices that a keto diet has. They will not be reeled back by bad habits this new year.

The full beauty kit


This health-conscious Christmas hamper is the Full Beauty Kit for an organic full-body cleanse sans the toxins and abrasive soaps.


Where to Find Healthy Christmas Hampers


Healthy Christmas hampers can be responsibly bought at Tastebuds. We don’t only provide Christmas shoppers with choice and variety, but also the joy of knowing that they’re supporting Australia with every purchase.


Tastebuds Healthy Christmas Hamper goodies are 100% Australian-sourced to take health-consciousness the extra mile. Buying local goods reduces the carbon footprint of each Christmas gift significantly. At the same time, it supports local producers giving them more choices for business and revenue generation. This means they have the necessary funds to stick to sustainable trade and farming practices without depending on grants and other aid.


Why Buy Wellness-Focused Christmas Hampers from Tastebuds?


This Christmas, you’re going to need a gift that emanates true love and kindness. Abandon ubiquitous rich foods for healthier options to send with your Christmas hamper this season, or simply build a great one with the help of some trustworthy people like the Tastebuds team.


We will build you healthy and eco-conscious Christmas hampers that are delivered on time, with utmost care to keep them in pristine condition. And if you place your order before 12 PM AEST on a business day, you can opt for same-day delivery for just A$19.95. Otherwise, you can choose a specific day for your delivery just as easily.


Shop at Tastebuds this Christmas season for more wholesome and responsible Christmas gifting.