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    Father’s Day Gifts

    Send your dad a Father’s Day gifts he will love! Don’t just get the same old things. Socks and undies are very boring. Why don’t you do something different this year? Find your dads favourite chocolate, alcohol, snacks and more and pick a gift tailor made for him. He has been receiving the same old gifts for years, and this time, you can give him something special.

    At Tastebuds, we have a large range of gifts for you to choose from. All our Father’s Day gifts are created using the highest quality products. If you can’t see your old man in person, we have an Australia wide service. It doesn’t matter where you live, have the perfect gift sent to his doorstep. The only thing missing is a message from you.

    Let your dad know how much you love and appreciate him in our FREE personalised greeting card. There’s no better time for you to thank him. Do things a little differently this year and send him a Father’s Day gift he will appreciate.

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    Send your dad a father's day gift anywhere in Australia


    Let your dad know he’s number 1 ! 

    At Tastebuds, all our Father’s Day gifts are made using the highest quality products. Send your dad a gift anywhere in Australia and let him know how much you love and appreciate him. We have a variety of gifts available, and we know your dad will adore any of them. 

    If you want to make your gift more unique, have you considered including a personalised item? Write a message on a candle, bottle of wine, ribbon and more. There are different options for you to choose from, and we know your dad will like any of them. Add a little Father’s Day personalisation to your gifts. Make this year a little different. 

    It doesn’t matter if this is their first Father’s Day or they’re season pros. Every dad will love a tastebuddy gift from Tastebuds.  


    When is the Father’s Day?

    Every country has different Father’s Day dates. In Australia, Father’s Day is always the first Sunday of September. In 2022, Father’s Day will be on the 4th of September.


    What is a Father’s Day gift?   

    A Father’s Day gift is any present you feel your father will appreciate on his special day. At Tastebuds, our Father’s Day gifts for Australia are all different but equally scrumptious. Pick a savoury, sweet or gourmet eats gift. You can even add a bottle of his favourite beverage!

    How do you choose the perfect Father’s Day gift?

    Much like choosing a gift for any of your loved ones. You need to think about what your father would like. Try to remember if he has mentioned anything in the weeks leading up. Has he mentioned needing anything? Take a moment and consider different ideas. The great thing about Tastebuds gifts is that he will always enjoy sitting down and munching on his favourite sweet and savoury snacks. 

    What are Australia's most popular Father’s Day gifts?

    Father’s Day is an annual event where Australians let their dads know how much they love and appreciate them. It’s one day of the year designed to thank your dad for always being there for you. At Tastebuds, we have a delightful range of Father’s Day gifts for Australia. Browse through some of our most popular options and find the perfect gift. 

    Craft Brews Trio Chocolate Bouquet

    He will be a lucky dad once he sees this terrific chocolate bouquet. The 3 bottles of craft beer are delicious and warm your stomach. And the smooth texture of the chocolate completes the experience. It’s the perfect gift for every father!

    Cadbury Favourites Chocolate Gift

    It’s a chocolate bouquet with all his favourite sweet treats. Cadbury is one of our favourite chocolate brands, and we know it’s one of his as well. Surprise the lucky father with a chocolate bouquet of all his favourites!

    Glenfiddich Decanter Hamper

    It’s mean, green and tastes fantastic. Our Glenfiddich Decanter Hamper comes with a bottle of Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky and some mouth watering chips. But the best part is the gorgeous decanter set. He will happily display his new favourite whisky. 

    What are the best selling Father’s Day gifts for new dads?

    Being a new dad can be a little daunting at first. You don’t know what to expect, and everything is new and unfamiliar. But that doesn’t mean you’re not doing a fantastic job. Your first Father’s Day is a special moment. If you’re looking for some first Father’s Day gifts, check out our best selling gifts for new dads!

    Mars & Maltese Chocolate Bouquet

    Any new dad will adore a chocolate bouquet bursting with Mars Bars and Maltesers. It’s a flavourful treat where he can enjoy his two favourite types of chocolates. There’s no better way to show him he’s doing a fantastic job. 

    Two Crowns Down

    Why stop at one when you can have two? This is the perfect first Father’s Day gift for the lucky new dad. 2 bottles of Crown Lager and an array of snacks. He wouldn’t want anything else (besides some cuddles with his little one). 

    Absolut Vodka & Chocolate Bouquet

    This is a smooth and refined gift, one the new dad might need to take some lessons from. Little ones are chaotic, and sometimes the happy dad will lose his cool (we all do). With this delicious chocolate bouquet, he can relax and enjoy the comforting flavours. 

    What are the best Father’s Day gifts daughters can send their dads?

    The relationship between a father and his daughter is special and unique. He will do anything for his little girl, and for Father’s Day, you can thank him for everything. Coming up with new and different ideas every year isn’t easy. If you’re looking for ideas, here are some of our best selling Father’s day gifts daughters can send their dads. 

    Get On The Beers

    Choose his favourite beverage and make a gift tailored to his tastes. With the matching sweet and savoury snacks, he will be beyond happy to open this scrumptious hamper. The only thing missing is a message from you.  

    Cadbury Deluxe Chocolate Bouquet

    He will appreciate this gift from the moment he opens it. The 50 Cadbury chocolates are sure to get his attention. Let your dad know how much you love and appreciate him with this chocolate bouquet. 

    What are the best selling Father’s Day gifts in Melbourne? 

    There’s always something to do in Melbourne. But for Father’s Day, everything slows down for a moment as everyone visits, calls or goes out with their dad. If you would like to send a Melbourne gift to your dad, have a look at some of our best selling options. We know we have a little something for everyone. 

    Cadbury Surprise Gift Bouquet

    It’s 30 Cadbury chocolate for a lucky father! Father’s Day is all about giving gifts your dad will enjoy, and if he’s a fan of Cadbury chocolate, this gift is perfect for him!

    Devil's Decanter Hamper

    If your dad like Jim Beam, he will love this hamper. With a bottle of Jim Beam Devils Cut, you know he will enjoy himself. This gift hamper also comes with a matching decanter set so he can display his new whisky in style. 

    The Silver Fox Bacardi Bouquet

    As he gets older, your dad is slowly turning into a silver fox. This is the perfect gift to make Father’s Day cocktails with. And as your old man is mixing drinks, he can snack on the chocolate bouquet. It’s the perfect gift to keep him entertained for hours.  

    What are the best selling Father’s Day gifts in Sydney? 

    We all know how big Father’s Day can get. Everyone wants to take their dad out for lunch or dinner, to a show or a relaxing night out. But we also know not everyone can see their dads in person. That’s why sending a Tastebud Father’s Day gift is a fantastic idea. Have a look at some of our best selling gifts for Sydney. We have the perfect Tastebuddy gift you’re looking for. 

    Baci Deluxe Bucket

    Dark chocolate and milk chocolate collide with this delectable bouquet. These little chocolate flowers are the indulgent treat you’re looking for to spoil your dad on Father’s Day. The Baci dark chocolate balls and Chocolatier Belgian milk chocolate stars will keep him happy the entire day. 

    Gordon's Sicilian Lemon & Chocolates Bouquet

    It’s a light and refreshing drink your dad can enjoy with his indulgent chocolate! The Gordon's Sicilian Lemon & Chocolates Bouquet comes with a bottle of Gordon's Sicilian Lemon Gin and a variety of chocolates. He can settle down after a busy day with this refreshing gift. 

    Home Is Where The Heart Is

    Remind your dad how much he means to you with a hamper he can hold close to his heart. This beautiful hamper comes with a bottle of Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz, crackers, chocolate and more. It’s an indulgent treat he will enjoy for a while. 

    What are the best selling Father’s Day gifts in Brisbane? 

    Brisbane is lots of fun, just like your dad! Finding the right gift to match his personality may be difficult, but one of our gifts is an excellent place to start. Have a look at some of our Father’s Day gifts for Brisbane. We know we have the ideal gifts you’re looking for. 

    The Mediterranean Chocolate Bouquet

    Let your dad know how much you love him with a chocolate bouquet covered in hearts. This arrangement of Lindt Milk Chocolate Balls and Chocolatier Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts is a gorgeous gift. The only thing missing is a message from you. 

    Sports Crown Gift Hamper

    This is the perfect sports hamper for every sports fan. As Father’s Day is on the weekend, your dad can open his hamper and enjoy it as he watches his favourite games. He will happily drink his 4 Crown Lagers as he relaxes into his favourite chair. 

    Fit For A King

    Your dad will feel like royalty when he sees this beautiful chocolate bouquet. The bottle of Crown and golden chocolates is the perfect regal gift for your dad to enjoy. Make this Father’s Day one he will remember with this stunning chocolate bouquet. 

    Why are Father’s Day gifts from Tastebuds the best?

    At Tastebuds, we deliver Australia wide. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver on weekends (except for select Melbourne Metro areas), so all our Father’s Day gifts are delivered on either Friday or Monday. But don’t let that discourage you. While Father’s Day is only one day of the year, that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise him with a gorgeous gift. Thank if for being there every day of the year!

    If you would like to make your gift more personal, have a look at some of our customisable items. Put a message on a beer bottle or on a bottle of wine. Add some Father’s Day personalised gifts to make your present extra special. We have many options for your to choose from. Make this Father’s Day memorable with a Fathers Day gift from Tastebuds.


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