It’s time for the ladies in your life to feel spoiled!

Birthdays are the perfect time to let her feel like a princess!

The year has reset, and it’s time to start celebrating birthdays again. Although getting older is scary, celebrating it is always a lot of fun. 

Your birthday is a day where you can celebrate all things you. Gather your loved ones and celebrate this special occasion. It’s your turn to decide how you’re going to spend the day. Whether it’s a night out with the girls, drinks with the family, or a quiet night a home, there are many ways you can spend the day, and all of them will be perfect for you.  

We know many ladies out there don’t enjoy their birthday, and that’s okay. Celebrating isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean your birthday isn’t special. 

There are many different ways to spend your birthday, and all of them will make your day memorable. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your birthday or another lucky lady. It’s the birthday girl's special day, and you should do what makes her happy. Take the time to consider how it should be spent and who you’re celebrating with. 

Best Birthday Gifts For Her 2022

How Do Women Feel About Birthday Gifts?

We all know the birthday stereotypes for women. No one likes celebrating getting older. We’re here to tell you that's a lie! Well… at least it is for most women. 

Ladies adore being spoiled. And making their birthday memorable is a fantastic way to start. Although they may be many varying opinions about whether or not women enjoy birthday gifts, it is never the wrong decision to give a gift. It doesn’t matter if it’s small or humungous; receiving presents is always amazing. Being shown you’re treasured is one of the greatest gifts in the world. 

But that doesn’t mean it applies to everyone. While some people enjoy receiving gifts, others do not. It all depends on the individual. While most women want to be treated like royalty, others prefer to treat their birthday like any other day. It all depends on the individual. If you are unsure, you can always ask them what they would prefer. 

Why Do We Need To Give Birthday Gifts For Her?

While saying happy birthday can bring a smile to her face, showing up with gifts will make her day. Finding a unique birthday gift for her will make her feel like one in a million. The best feeling in the world can be given with that gift. Having someone take the time to think of a gift catered to meet your interests shows how much they care and value you. 

Birthday gifts hold more meaning than we release. While a card or message might show you remembered, a birthday gift demonstrates the time you put into thinking about what she might like. It doesn’t matter if they are friends, family members, colleagues, or significant others. Every woman loves being treasured on her birthday. 

Take the time to find the perfect birthday gifts for her and make her day special. It may not seem like much to you, but we can guarantee she will greatly appreciate it. 

The Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

We all know how difficult it can be to come up with birthday gifts for her. But don't stress yourself out! At Tastebuds, we are pros when it comes to gifting. We have the perfect birthday gift ideas for her to help you make it through this birthday season. 

It doesn’t matter what your relationship with her might be. Everyone deserves to feel like royalty on their birthday. From wives, girlfriends and even your best friend, no one should be left out this year. We have separated all our birthday gifts for her into categories this year, but that doesn’t mean you should get a gift for anyone else. These women may be the most important ladies in your life. However, you should also celebrate all the others as well. 

We know coming up with ideas can be challenging. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, here are some of our top 10 birthday gifts for her. 

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Wives

It doesn’t matter how long you have been together. Your wife still deserves to be treated like royalty on her special day. This is the perfect time to let her know how much you value her. Sometimes your wife feels rundown and overworked. Make this day all about her. Pamper her. After all, she needs it. Here are some of our favourite birthday gifts for her. 

Ferrero Rocher Indulgence Chocolate Bouquet

Tastebuds Ferrero Rocher Indulgence Chocolate Bouquet

This is a deliciously indulgent treat that will make her day complete. The stars of this feast are definitely the Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls. This is the perfect gift to accompany an extraordinary night out. Spend time with the birthday girl and let her know how special she is. The only thing missing is a beautiful message from you.

Moët Moments Wine & Chocolate Bouquet

The best way to celebrate getting older is with a glass of the finest bubbly. Moët NV Brut is dry but delicate with citrus notes and smokey aromas. This bottle of champagne is perfectly accompanied by a lovely assortment of hazelnut and milk chocolate. It is the perfect way to end a splendid day celebrating all things her. Make your wife feel like a queen with a chocolate bouquet made for royalty. 

Sweet Chandon Rosé

There’s no need to gift her roses this year; rosé is all you’ll need. Bring a little sweetness to her day with a sparkling wine dripping with flavours of strawberries and raspberries. You might think the only thing missing is chocolate, but don’t worry, we’ve got that covered. The Sweet Chandon Rosé also comes with rocky road and melting moments. It’s the ultimate sweet fix hamper that will bring a smile to her face. 

Gold Indulgence Chocolate Bouquet

Tastebuds Gold Indulgence Chocolate Bouquet

This is the greatest gift of gold your wife will ever receive! You won’t need to buy flowers after she sees this stunning arrangement. We all know chocolate is a girl's best friend. And the best way to let her know how special she is is with 30 Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls. It’s a mouthwatering treat filled with her favourite chocolate. This will definitely win you some brownie points. 

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriends

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for a long time or just started dating. Her birthday should be celebrated, and you need to plan an exquisite gift. It's a day created just for her, so take your time to find the right present to make her day special. At Tastebuds, we have a fabulous selection of gifts. We know you will find your ideal gift in our selection! If you’re struggling to find a gift, here are some of our favourites.

Gordons Pink Gin Spritz Bouquet

The best part about this gift is it’s pink! Your girlfriend will fall in love with this stunning gift. It’s almost like it’s a birthday gift made for her. She can settle in after her special day with 3 Gordon's Pink Gin & Soda and an assortment of raspberry and milk chocolate balls. The only thing you need to do is take her out for dinner. 

Sweet Hearts Chocolate Bouquet

Tastebuds Sweet Hearts Chocolate Bouquet

This is the sweet treat you need for that very sweet girlfriend of yours. She will fall in love with you and this gift when she receives it. With 15 milk chocolate hearts, she won’t need anything else. The most important thing you can do is make her feel adored on her special day. And this bouquet is the perfect place to start.  

Tickle Me Pink Hamper

The Tickle Me Pink Hamper has everything you need to give her a birthday she will never forget. With a glass of rosé in one hand and a melting moment in the other, she will truly treasure this experience. The best thing is, she will only think about you while she enjoys this delicious hamper. The only thing that will make it better is an afternoon watching her favourite movies with you. 

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friends

Your best friend is one in a million! She has been there to make you laugh and is always there for a chat. Now it’s time for you to let her know how special she is! Make this day memorable. You can plan a day together with all the bells and whistles. Celebrate! She will only be this age once! If you would like some ideas for the perfect gift, here are some of our favourites.

Her Birthday Teddy Bouquet

You can gift your lovely best friend a bouquet she will never forget. This charming gift has everything you need to make her special day memorable. With chocolate and a teddy, there’s nothing else she will need. The best gift you can give is one she can keep, and this teddy will always be with her. All you need to do is write her a note for our free personalised card. 

Feeling Rosy Chocolate Bouquet

Tastebuds Feeling Rosy Chocolate Bouquet

This chocolate bouquet will definitely bring a smile to her face. With 20 milk chocolate hearts and a stunning bottle of Minchinbury Rosé Cuvée, this bouquet will be memorable. The only thing missing is a movie night! Your best friend deserves to be spoilt, and this gift will do just that.

Cruising Along

This is the perfect hamper for the girls to share. Round all the girls up for a delectable night and put on the birthday girls favourite movies. You can all enjoy the 3 Vodka Cruisers as you feast on a marvellous assortment of sweet and savoury snacks. It is the best possible way to celebrate her special day. 

Why Should You Buy Birthday Gifts For Her At Tastebuds?

We know how important it is to treat her like royalty on her special day. Every woman is unique and beautiful, and they deserve gifts that reflect them. At Tastebuds, we have a wide selection of hampers and bouquets that will make her feel like a queen. Besides, we already know she is. 

It doesn’t matter where you are. You can send a gift to that wonderful lady on her special day. At Tastebuds, we deliver Australia-wide. You can have the perfect birthday gift for her delivered to her doorstep. There’s no need for you to leave your house! Buy the perfect tastebuddy gift from the comforts of your home and make her feel like royalty on her special day. There’s no need to shop for you to shop anywhere else!

At tastebuds, we also have a Create Your Own section. If you can’t find the perfect gift for that special lady, why not make one? Pick all her favourite treats and make unique birthday gifts for her. Pick the colours, chocolates, snacks and more from our lovely selection. We know you will find the perfect gifts for her at Tastebuds!