Whomever you choose to celebrate for Father’s Day is a remarkable person. Whether you're celebrating your dad, partner, stepdad, grandfather, brother or uncle, you can let them know they’re doing an incredible job this Father’s Day with a personalised gift. 

In 2022, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, the 4th of September. That gives your plenty of time to organise a plan a spectacular Father’s Day gift. At Tastebuds, we want to help you celebrate every special moment. We have designed an exquisite range of products for you to customise. From mugs to beer bottles, you can give your father figures an incredible keepsake they will cherish for years to come. 

In this blog, we will go over some of our personalised items and give you tips on how to choose the best Father’s Day personalised gifts. 

Why should you give personalised Father’s Day gifts?

Why should you give personalised Father’s Day gifts?

We all want to give Father’s Day gifts that our loved ones will cherish. A little keepsake that will make them smile every time they see it. And that’s the incredible thing about making Father’s Day special with personalised gifts. 

Personalised Father’s Day gifts can come in various shapes and sizes. From making your own gifts to getting something specially made. There are plenty of personalised items you can give your dad for Father’s Day. At Tastebuds, we have put together a fantastic collection of customisable items. You can find all our personalised items listed below. Browse through our selection and add a little something special to your Father’s Day gifts.  

How to decide what personalised item you should include with your Father’s Day gifts 

At Tastebuds, we know we have a lot of options for you to choose from, and it’s hard to narrow down your choices. It doesn’t matter if you're shopping for their first Father’s Day or they’re a seasoned pro. A little personalisation will make your gift extraordinary. If you are struggling to decide what personalised gift you should go with, here are some suggestions to make your choice easier. 

Have a look at ALL the customisable options. Before deciding on a personalised gift, go through all the options before making a decision. See what design options are available for each item. At Tastebuds, you’re able to view your personalised item as you make it. Don’t settle for the first combination you see. Look through all the options and create a personalised gift he will love. 

Get a second opinion. If you’re ever stuck for ideas, you can ask another person their opinions. See what they say about your personalisation and what suggestions they have. Take their advisements under consideration and see what creations you can make. 

Think about the person you’re shopping for. We all have different preferences… especially when it comes to gifts. Father’s Day is all about his relationships with you and his other children. Look for a personalised gift that means something to both of you. It could be a collection of snacks you both enjoy or a message on a chocolate box. Make it a reflection of your relationship. 

Our best selling personalised Father’s Day gifts in Australia

At Tastebuds, we have a fantastic selection of personalised items for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a beer bottle, chocolate box, or to Create Your Own gifts, we have a little something for everyone to enjoy. All our customisable gifts can be found in our product descriptions and offer you a range of design options. Have a look at each item and design some of the best personalised Father’s Day gifts in Australia. 

Tastebuds Candle


We all love relaxing scents, and while a personalised candle may not be your first choice for Father’s Day, it will still WOW him. You can add a candle title and message, but please be mindful that there’s a limit on the number of characters you can use. Think of something funny or sentimental, and give him a customisable candle he will cherish. 





Tastebuds Wine Bottle

Wine Bottle

With six different design labels, you can add a little something special to personalise your Father’s Day gifts. All your need to do is choose one of our three bottles of wine; Chardonnay Pinot Noir, Shiraz or Sauvignon Blanc. And with up to fifty characters, you can write a message showing your love and appreciation. Have a look at all the different design options and put together a personalised bottle of wine that completes your gift. 





Tastebuds Beer Bottle

Beer Bottle

You can never go wrong with a bottle of personalised beer. Father’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of his favourite beverage. Our beer bottle designs allow you to choose one of our six labels and up to fifty characters for a message. It’s one of our best selling Father’s Day personalised gifts in Australia for a reason. Go through our customisation process and give your dad a gift he will remember. 







Have your chocolate bouquet tied with a charming Father’s Day ribbon. Create a unique gift after choosing a colour and writing a message. It’s a little something extra that your dad can keep. Complement your chocolate bouquet with a matching ribbon. 








If you’re looking for a Father’s Day personalised gift that your dad can keep, we know he will appreciate a personalised mug. All you need to do is upload your favourite .png or .jpeg image to our site and add a message. It can be a photo of your family, his kids or a funny meme. Choose an image that will bring a smile to his face and complete his Father’s Day. 





Chocolate Box

Chocolate Box

Pick a chocolate box design and write your dad a fifty character message. We know he will enjoy the succulent chocolates and think of you every time he opens the chocolate box. Out of six designs, we know we have the perfect option for you. Use the preview window to see your creation. 





Create Your Own

Create Your Own

Our Create Your Own gift section is the perfect place to make a completely personalised gift. At Tastebuds, our Create Your Own section allows you to choose between a Gift Hamper, Snack Hamper or Chocolate Bouquet. Follow the steps and create a personalised Father’s Day gift we know your dad will appreciate. And the best thing about our Create Your Own section is you can choose only his favourite items!




Personalised first Father’s Day gift ideas

Coming up with personalised first Father’s Day gifts can be a little challenging. There are plenty of fantastic ideas available, and it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. At Tastebuds, we want you to give the best Father’s Day gifts. Here are some ideas that will make your personalised first Father’s Day gifts extraordinary. 

Have a mug printed with your children on it

As it’s their first Father’s Day, a fantastic gift is one that celebrates the relationship between them and their children. Look for a photo that encapsulates their unique relationship and place it on a mug. He will be able to look at the picture every time he enjoys a morning coffee. 

Write a message on a beer bottle

Let him know how incredible he is with a message on a beer bottle. His children may not be old enough to say how much they love and appreciate him, so you will have to do it instead. Leave a heartwarming message to include with one of his favourite beverages. Whether he chooses to drink it or not, he will always be able to keep the bottle.  

Add some extras to your gift

Whether you choose to send him a chocolate bouquet or gift hamper for Father’s Day, you can make his gift more personalised by adding some additional items from our Extras page. Choose his favourite items and give him a personalised first Father’s Day gift that caters to his preferences. 

If the person you’re celebrating is new to the game, the best gift to give is a personalised Father’s Day gift. Everyone always remembers their first, and Father’s Day is no exception. Go all out and make their first Father’s Day memorable with some personalised gifts. 

Why is Tastebuds the best for Father’s Day personalised gifts?

At Tastebuds, we know how important it is to give your father figures a gift they will love. Father’s Day is all about showing how much you love and appreciate your dad. Our personalised items come within a range of design options allowing you to create a gift your dad will be happy to receive. Browse through our options and give your dad a fantastic Father’s Day personalised gift from Tastebuds.