Corporate gifts are important for both staff and clients. Your employees and partners always appreciate a reminder that you value them, and Tastebuds is here to help with a wide range of corporate gift solutions customised to occasions and branding. Here are a few reasons why your corporate marketing strategy can benefit from custom branded gifts in Australia.

Team Bonding & Appreciation

You can foster collaboration and commitment by giving your employees a meaningful gift, whether it’s when they start working, on their work anniversary, or at the end of the financial year. An edible bouquet is a nice touch for employees who go above and beyond to complete a big project too. The more your team knows you care, the more motivated they will be to do a fantastic job. Plus, it’s good to have your staff carrying around and using gifts with your corporate branding — you never know who may see them.

Client Relationships

Corporate gift giving helps you build your client relationships too. The holidays are a popular time to send gift hampers to your client base, and if you can customise them to suit your company’s branding, that’s even better. Your clients will appreciate the sentiment and remember the thought you put into maintaining the connection. Whatever business you are in, the combination of wine, chocolate, and salty snacks in our hampers is sure to leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Bulk Gifting Orders

Many businesses large and small, participate in bulk gifting orders, to organise all of their corporate gifting in one place. If you find a gift hamper you love, why not customise it for each employee or client? This ensures excellent gift giving across the board and, knowing gifts are ordered and organised for everyone on your list, makes the shopping experience easier for you. Buying in bulk also helps to save money and time, so you can get back to business while also building relationships with key stakeholders.

Custom Design Support

Corporate marketing is your key to staying in front of the competition. Tastebuds corporate sales specialists are here to help you throughout this process, so we can design Gift Hampers to suit your budget, and company branding. With the excellent selection of chocolate bouquets and wine hampers to choose from, our staff can help you choose and even customise any gift hamper, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by having to do it all on your own. In-house graphic design and experienced corporate gifting experts are here to guide you through the whole process, so your gifts come out perfectly. With that kind of support, you can cross corporate gift giving, marketing, and branding off your list at the same time.

Trusted Corporate Gifting Solutions

Corporate gift giving from Tastebuds has been trusted by some of the biggest businesses in Australia, including David Jones, Maserati, KFC, and Harvey Norman. You can explore branded gift options from $5, creating your own style with no minimum order or bulk order setup fees. Plus, support from a dedicated account manager means your gift order will be seamless and stress-free every time.

View our entire selection of corporate branding solutions and contact our team for personalisation today.