With the festive season right around the corner, there’s no better time to organise your personalised Christmas gifts! Get ahead of the holiday rush by getting a jump start on your personalised Christmas gifts. At Tastebuds, we have a fabulous collection of personalised Christmas gifts you can add to your chocolate bouquets or gift hampers. See which options best suit your recipient and surprise them with one of the best personalised Christmas gifts in Australia! 

Today we’re going to help you make the best personalised Christmas gifts in Australia and offer you some tips and tricks to make the online experience easier for you. Take your time to read through all the information and give your loved ones an unforgettable Christmas gift! 

How do you make the best personalised Christmas gifts in Australia at Tastebuds? 

There are several different ways you can make personalised Christmas gifts at Tastebuds, and we’re going to go into detail about them all. See which option works best for the personalised Christmas gift ideas you have in mind. 


Create your own gifts

If you’re looking for a gift to WOW your loved ones,  our Create Your Own gift section is a fantastic place to start! Before we go into specifics, our Create Your Own section allows you to choose from three different personalisation options; Chocolate Bouquet, Gift Hamper, and Snack Hamper. 

best personalised Christmas gifts in Australia
Chocolate Bouquets

At Tastebuds, when you create your own chocolate bouquets, you’re able to choose a size, colour and what chocolates are included. All you need to do is follow the steps listed below to make the best personalised gifts for Christmas. 

  1. Choose a size. When you choose to make a chocolate bouquet, you have the option to make a Small Bouquet for $60 (15 chocolates), a Medium Bouquet for $80 (35 chocolates), or a Large Bouquet for $100 (50 chocolates). The prices of your chocolate bouquet will stay the same no matter what chocolate you choose to add to them. 

  2. Pick your colours. Once you know the size of your bouquet, it’s time to get a little creative. In the ‘Select Your Colours’ section, you can choose your keepsake tin colour, the primary paper colour, and the secondary paper colour. See what combinations you can put together and give your loved ones a charming arrangement. 

  3. Add your chocolates. This is where the fun begins! On the ‘Select Your Chocolates’ page, you’re able to choose from our complete range of chocolates. With different shapes, colours and flavours available, we know we have the perfect nibbles your loved ones will adore. All chocolates come in groups of 5 and the page will let you know how many you can choose. See what options are available and pick your recipient’s favourite chocolates. 

  4. Include some alcohol. After you have selected a range of chocolates, you also have the ability to add a beverage to your chocolate bouquet. Where possible, we will incorporate the bottle into the display, but if there is a size issue, the included bottle of alcohol will be placed inside the shipping box next to your creation. You can choose from our full collection of beverages to make your gift extra special. 

  5. Create a personalised ribbon. There’s no better way to complete your personalised Christmas gifts than with a personalised ribbon. Select a colour that matches your gift, write a message and pick your text colour. All personalised ribbons are tied around the base of your chocolate bouquet and perfectly complete your gift! 

  6. Attach a card. Complete your personalised Christmas gift in the best possible way by selecting our Christmas card. Write your loved ones a beautiful message and give them a Christmas gift they will remember. 

Gift Hampers and Snack Hampers
Gift Hampers and Snack Hampers

Much like our chocolate bouquets, you can also create your own gift hamper. When you can select your own snacks and beverages, who wouldn’t want to organise a personalised Christmas gift? The process for creating a Gift Hamper and a Snack Hamper is very similar, but there are some differences between the two. A Gift Hamper allows you to choose items from our Create Your Own range, whereas, the Snacks Hamper only lets you pick from our snack options. Now let's go into how you can make your own hampers. 

Know the limitations of each hamper before you begin. No matter what Create Your Own hamper you choose, both come with limitations to ensure we can fit them in our hamper boxes. 

Gift Hamper

  • Up to 2 bottles of wine, champagne, sparkling or spirits - OR - up to 4 bottles of beer, cider or mixers
  • 1 each of the personalised products - a personalised bottle of wine or beer applies to the limits above
  • Up to 8 snack options
  • Up to 4 pamper & home products

Snack Hampers

  • Up to 15 snack options

Have a look at the different types and see what options your recipient will prefer. Now that we have the limitations covered, let's go over how to make your own personalised Christmas gift hampers.


  1. Choose your box design. At Tastebuds, we have two Christmas box designs available for the festive season. So, before you start making your hamper, you will need to choose a design. Pick your favourite Christmas sleeve option and create a memorable personalised Christmas gift. 

  2. Create a personalised item (Gift Hampers Only). Bring your gift to the next level by including a personalised item. We will go into more detail about the different types in the ‘Add a personalised item’ section down below. 

  3. Include a beverage (Gift Hampers Only). Find your recipient’s preferred beverage and add it to your gift. If you’re going to create the best personalised Christmas gift in Australia, look for items your loved ones enjoy. 

  4. Add some of your recipient's favourite snacks. The best personalised Christmas gifts include all your recipient's favourite items and offer a wide range of tasty nibbles. Please note that our Gift Hampers will have all the snacks together, while the Snack Hampers have savoury options on one page and sweet treats on another. See what options are available and include all your loved one's favourite snacks. 

  5. Select some pamper, home or baby items (Gift Hampers only). Go through all our extra items to see if there’s anything that catches your attention. With a range of products to choose from, it’s the little something extra that will complete your hamper. Look for items your recipient will enjoy and personalise their Christmas gift. 

  6. Pick your card. Complete your personalised Christmas gift in the best way by writing a message for our Christmas card. In this section, you can choose our Christmas card and add a message your recipient will adore. 

Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for us to complete your order. Once your gift is ready to ship you will receive notification and tracking information. If an item is out of stock, we will replace it with a similar item of equal or greater value. 


Add a personalised item

Add a personalised item

At Tastebuds, we have a fabulous selection of personalised items for you to choose from that will complete your Christmas gifts. Our complete range of personalised items includes:

  • Mugs
  • Water Bottles
  • Ribbon (Chocolate Bouquets Only) 
  • Candles
  • Bucket Stickers (Chocolate Bouquets Only)
  • Wine Bottles
  • Beer Bottles
  • Photo Labels
  • Beer Steins
  • Travel Mugs
  • Chocolate Boxes

All personalised items can be found in our product descriptions. Choose a little something extra you know your loved ones will adore. And with our personalisation options, you can select your preferred design, add a message or include an image. Get creative and organise an unforgettable personalised Christmas gift for your loved ones! 

Include options from our Extras page 

If you have chosen one of our premade chocolate bouquets or gift hampers, you can add some personalisation by including some items from our Extras page. Our Extras page comes with a fantastic collection of snacks, beverages, pamper items, and home décor we know your recipient will appreciate. Take your time to look at different items and surprise your loved ones with a personalised Christmas gift! 

Do you have any tips for creating personalised Christmas gifts? 

Organising the best personalised Christmas gifts in Australia for your loved ones can be a bit of a challenge, but we’re here to help. If you are struggling to decide what the best gifts for your recipients are, here are some useful tips that will make the experience easier. 

Keep your recipient in mind as you look through our personalisation options. As you look at different gifts and personalised items, think about what your recipient will enjoy. Focus on their preferences and look for items, chocolate bouquets or gift hampers that compliment them. This is their Christmas personalised gift, so look for options that align with their preferences. 

Look at different options. Don’t settle for the first Christmas gifts you find, a lot of the time, there will be better options available if you only take the time to look a little further. Look at different options before you make a decision and choose the best personalised Christmas gifts for your loved ones. 

Don’t be predictable. Spice things up this festive season by choosing gifts your loved ones won’t expect. At Tastebuds, we have delicious chocolate bouquets and gift hampers that will spread the festive spirit, without being predictable. 

Why should you get your personalised Christmas gift from Tastebuds? 

At Tastebuds, we have a range of Christmas gifts that are perfect for all ages, and the only thing that will make them better is by adding some personalisation. Whether you choose to Create Your Own personalised Christmas gift or add something extra to our premade ones, we have a little something for everyone. Take your time to look through our selection and organise unforgettable Christmas gifts for your loved ones!